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10 Essential Steps Of Products Reviews

10 Essential Steps Of Products Reviews:

  1. Know The Products To Review:

    You select the products or brands or services or platforms that you know at best and which are trending in market. Consider the products which have similar functionality and features and it is practically good idea to consider the categories of things which are trending in that product ecosystem and projected to become the top selling things in future. It is always a great idea to consider top ten to fifteen things from similar category as contenders of your review and analysis. Also Read: 10 Essentials Steps Of Requirement Analysis Of Social Media Reports

  2. Create A Feature-Sheet Of Products:

    Create a well-formatted spreadsheet, preferably on Cloud System, to capture all important attributes and features of the products. You consider all important features as the mandatory attributes. It should include device type, manufacturers, brands, products, applicability and compatibility, operating system, memories and communication protocols. Other important parameters for accessories are cameras, speakers, microphones and vital statistics like screen size, display technology, colors, prices and new contenders in same category.

  3. Feel Real Products/Products:

    Without a real presence of products or installations of all platforms finalized as contenders of your process, it is really impractical to draw any conclusion. Henceforth, get the physical products from authorized marketing companies or manufactures, if category of the contenders is electronics goods and have the installations of latest versions, if the contenders are software platforms. The same rule is applicable for other categories too. Once the things made available, start using and reviewing all features and attributes collected at the beginning of the review-process.

  4. Scan Company’s Social Content :

    To gather a detailed information about the things, you go through the updates by an official tweeter-handler and the official blogs of the companies or brands. Social Network Pages of manufacturers and brands on Linkedin, Facebook and Google Plus and Social Reputation Platforms like Xeeme, Kred, Klout and Naymz are other reliable sources of products information. Most of the companies have started levering their own official blog-sites to announce the launch of new products, features updates and to push their products information to mass. Also Read: Social Commerce Is The Future of E-Commerce

  5. Study Pictures Of Products:

    The photos or pictures and infographics are also great source of information about any product under review. You can collect all vital details like look-and-feel, colors, memory, screen sizes and controls layout propositions from these content. Any official or professionally taken picture of things can give really meaning information. Henceforth, study and analysis of these images yield useful details for product review.

  6. Watch & Study Product Videos :

    The Product Video is another reliable and trusted source of product information. It gives you the complete details in few seconds and this information is always in good quality. Most of the electronics brands have official accounts on YouTube to deliver content-rich videos of products,launches ceremonies and other product information. Other Video Platforms you can scan for product details are Instagram,Vine, Google Plus, MixBit and Vimeo. One of the good things about product video is complete coverage of all features and comparative statistics.

  7. Attend All Events:

    You remain updated about all seminars and events related to launch and promotions of products considered. Some great brand like LG, Samsung, Micromax, Microsoft, Oracle and FashionTV have started leveraging Social Media Networks including Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Instagram,Vine,Path and YouTube to launch their products. In same context,you can gather really great pieces of information by attending products Seminars and Webinars including national and international events like SXWX, Electronics Consumer Conclave, Wills LifeStyle Week and Milan Fashion Week.

  8. Finalize Top Features To Review:

    Finalize the features which have critical impacts on selling and buying of the product. Price, functionality, post-sales services and brand values are top four attributes that need to be consider in reviewing any category of products. From thousands of features, prepare the list of all important ones including prices,brands, post-sales services, CPU and memories (internal and external) to conclude review process of products you considered. You need to have different feature-list matching the category of the products under review-process.

  9. Prepare Wining Contenders:

    Now, it is time to segregate top three to five products from the contenders that you have considered at initial phase of review process. Using an analytical statistics, finalize top three or five things depending upon the number of contenders. If any update or changes come up, add them to your features list of Winning Contenders. It is good time to write a draft-copy of content of your reviews.

  10. Create Review Content:

    Greater the quality of review-process and content, bigger will be the success, viewerships and impacts of the review. Writing up of content of any review in a comparative way is the latest trend of every product-review. Besides, the comparative statistics, inclusion of other related information like Stock Value,Business Trends, latest Sales Trend and the projected market trends including how other contenders are lined-up to boom in that market segment can decor your content at the best. Also Read: 11 Essential Steps Of Blog Marketing

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