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14 Best Strategies Of Using Social Media In Fashion Business

Fashion is a Business of creativity,ideas and innovations in Lifecare either as refined design- concepts and innovative design-concepts or in the form of things acceptable to human being and their lifestyle. The Business of Fashion is one of the successful Business Models on Social Media Marketing. Social Media Platforms can be leveraged to every aspect of Fashion and Lifestyle businesses. The usages comprise Fashion Crowdsourcing to Client-Servicing in different corners of Fashion and Lifestyle.

  1. Social Media Platforms As Fashion Crowdsourcing Platforms:

    Fashion is a creativity-centric business model and it requires in-depth analysis of interests, people, places and ideas in bringing-up of great services and products of Fashion. These considerations help you to conceptualize, design, produce, promote and sell ideas,services and products on Social Media. To gather the ideas and concepts of designing an innovative fashion concepts, you leverage Social Media as one of the trusted sources of necessary knowledge. You can document these strategies and steps of gathering different ideas,knowledge and concepts of things of Fashion as The Best Practices of your Fashion Business and it is called Knowledge Crowdsourcing.

    There are many Social Network Platforms and Websites dedicated to generic Knowledge Crowdsourcing but popular and common Social Network Platforms are always effective to Fashion Knowledge Crowdsourcing. You utilize the services of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus as Knowledge Crowdsourcing Platforms of your Fashion Business. The Social Surveys and Social Media Campaigns are two most successful mechanisms of Fashion Knowledge Crowdsourcing.

  2. Use Social Media To Promote Fashion Businesses :

    You always leverage different services of Social Media Marketing to promote and market all sorts of Fashion creativity, ideas, services and products. Marketing of anything using Videos on Social Media is termed as Viral Marketing and it is one of the most successful marketing-channels that you can place into action to market different concepts of Fashion Businesses.

    You utilize services of every category of Social Media Networks including Social Visual Platforms like Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Google Plus to promote your Fashion Business. You also use YouTube, Instagram,Vine,Google Plus, Tumblr, Facebook and MixBit to promote Fashion creativity, services, ideas and products.

  3. Blogs As Social Media Marketing Channel:

    Writing up and curation of blogs of creativity, ideas, services and products on Fashion is the latest trend of Social Media Marketing. You can either own your own blogging sites by leveraging the services of blogging-platforms from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or others or by registering the suitable blogging-addresses to post great blogs through, and Blog for Social Media Marketing blog is the latest and most successful trend of Social Media Marketing.

    The most popular platforms capable of catering good services to Fashion Blogging are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly and Joomla. As Tumblr has the highest number of younger viewers and readers, it is always great idea to maintain blogs on Tumblr if the creativity, ideas,services and products are X and Y generations centric.

  4. Content Curation As Social Marketing Tool:

    Social Content Curation serves as an effective and the trusted source of content of your Fashion Blogs. You share your curated content either directly from Social Curation Platforms and you refer these content to write own blogs of Fashion creativity,ideas, services and products. There are many Social Content Curation Platforms and some of them are really good for curating the content for your Fashion creativity, ideas, services and products. In my analysis, Flipboard,, Storify, and are The Top 5 Social Curation Platforms.

    Sharing of Social Content directly from Social Content Platforms including, and Flipboard to all common and popular Social Network Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr is an effective way of promoting your Fashion Business. This practice gives progressive chart of number of viewers and readers in an easiest way.

  5. Kick-Start Social Commerce Business Of Fashion:

    The use of Social Commerce is another best practice of leveraging Social Media Platforms to Fashion and Lifestyle Businesses. There are many Social Network Platforms that allows to have e-commerce sites of your Fashion creativity, ideas, services and products. The Social Commerce Platforms are succeeding heavily in the global market. The practice of commissioning services of Social Commerce Platforms in Fashion Businesses is really futuristic and most effective tool to generate a good ROI.

    Some of the best Social Network Platforms to your Social Commerce Business are LimeRoad and eBay. Almost every Social Commerce Platform allows to promote, market and sell different ideas, services and products in an easiest way using Social Media Marketing.

  6. Serving Fashion Updates On Social Media:

    Social Media Networks have already been leveraged to publish and inject regular updates and information of Fashion to the users. One of the common Fashion Blog Trends is maintaining general category of Blogs,Reviews,Viral Videos and intuitive-presentations of generic Fashion Shows, Wearable Fashion Shows, Bikini Shows and other types of Fashion events and seminars. The regular updates and flash-backs of great Fashion Week Events like Mumbai Fashion Week,New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and similar events in Fashion-Savvy hill stations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kathmandu and Shimla are most impressive way of using Social Media in an ecosystem of Fashion.

    You can commission all common and popular Social Networks Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr to push updates,comments and reviews of different categories of Fashion Products. FashionTV’s Pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pheed and Tumblr are great examples of Social Network Pages. Those pages give the latest Fashion updates instantly and regularly. The real-time live-streaming of Fashion Shows through Video Streaming Platforms like YouTube, Google Hangout, Vimeo and Ustream is an effective strategy and it yields really good ROI at lower TCO. All Wearable Devices including Microsoft’s newly conceptualized sensor-fitted Woman-Bras will create a booming effects on Social Media Marketing in selling High-Tech Fashion concepts and products.

  7. Cocktails And Food Recipes On Social Media:

    Cocktails and Cocktail Recipes are most trendy recipes of today’s Lifestyle and Fashion. You can count heavily on Social Media Networks to brand, promote and sell great formulae, recipes, services and products of Cocktails, Cocktail Recipes, Mocktails and Mocktails Recipes and other Drink Recipes. Use of Mobile Apps in Cocktail Industry is trending as one of The Top Trends of Mobile Apps since 2013 and will grow further in 2014. It gives an easy and accurate information of Cocktails and Cocktail Recipes. Cocktail Mixology, Cocktail Flow and Bar Tender are top three Mobile Apps for Cocktails lovers.

    In 2012, The US President Mr. Barak Obama contributed few premium Cocktail Recipes categorically through one of his tweets. Those recipes became popular instantly at the global scale and created a sensationalized popularity on Social Media Community. Besides, all great Bar Schools and Cocktail Sommeliers have leveraged Social Video Platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Vine to promote and sell their ideas and services on Social Media.

  8. Fashion Healthcare Services On Social Media:

    Fashion is no more an exclusive and hefty expensive Lifestyle Business. It is expanding as one of the best practices of maintaining good health, globally. It is a great idea to maintain blogs and Social Network Pages dedicated to Fashion Healthcare. There are many Social Networks and websites specialized on Healthcare Services with great potential of giving all valuable and unbeatable medical guidelines and services to mass. Now, it is a part of Social Media Healthcare and which is growing sharply.

    OneHealth and WebMD leverage two great web and mobile applications to Healthcare and lifestyle.You leverage their services in two distinct ways. Firstly, as a source of Social Content Curation and secondly to share posts, reviews and updates related to Healthcare Services. Social Media Platforms has tremendous potential of becoming powerful tools to ChildCare and other MedCare Services in the ecosystem of Healthcare. There are many Social Media Platforms and Mobile Apps which cater the latest and high-tech MedCare Services. BabyCare and WebMD are great Social Platforms in serving everything to healthy growth of your babies under the international standards and guidelines from WHO.

  9. Beauty-Care Services:

    Like in Fashion Healthcare Services, you leverage Social Media Platforms to reach your followers, readers and viewers with blogs, updates and reviews of ideas, services and products of beauty-care. Almost all great national and international beautycare brands have already started leveraging Social Media Platforms in their Beautycare Businesses.

    There are numerous Web and Mobile platforms serving to Beautycare Services, Beauty Tips and Beauty products. The great Social Beautycare Platforms are Pompadour, Pheed and Pinterest. You use Pinterest to improve social presence of your business of Beautycare services. Beautycare is a process-centric service that uses visuals with suitable textual narration to bring great business-impact to viewers and readers. In same way, Social Video Platforms capable of leveraging video-services to beautycare are Instagram,Vine and Google Plus.

  10. Social Media Platforms As Launching Pad:

    The launch of Fashion ideas, services and products on Social Media is an innovative and most successful trends of Fashion. Henceforth, you use all standard Social Network Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr to announce launches of Fashion ideas, services and products to mass.

    You leverage the services of blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr to announce and launch new stuffs of Fashion Business to which you have used Social Media Platform as an additional Marketing Tool. FashionTV, Lakeme and Wills LifeStyle are top brands who have utilized Social Media Marketing to the fullest. The use of Social Video Networks as launching-pads for all marketable ideas, services and products of Fashion is the innovative strategy in Social Media and it’ll grow sharply in future.

  11. Fashion Boutiques On Social Media Platforms:

    Bringing a great success to any Fashion Business and Fashion Boutiques is not an easy task, it requires a balanced-execution of all designing, branding and marketing strategies. You always leverage the services of Social Media Platforms to market all stuffs of Fashion like ideas, services and products.

    I personally suggest all Fashion Boutique owner to own his presence in Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr to boost-up the Fashion Businesses. You think of owing two different Fashion Boutiques with Social Media Platforms – one in Social Commerce Platforms and another one in physical space.

  12. Agri-Fashion On Social Media:

    All agricultural ideas, innovations, services and products are slowly trending as a part of daily Fashion and LifeStyle. Social Media is one of the best Marketing Channels to brand,promote and sell agricultural products like crossed-hybrid cucumber in innovative ways.

    There are limited numbers of personal brands, retailers and companies who are selling green and fresh agricultural products as branded items through Social Media Marketing. So, it is a great idea to have textual and video blogs to sell agricultural innovations, ideas and products of Fashion. All fauna and flowers are great essences of today’s Lifestyle and Fashion. It is a great concept to have social pages and blogs for brands,shops and boutiques who are selling agri-product based Fashion items.

  13. Social Media Platforms For Home Automation:

    Home Automaton is one of The Top 10 Lifestyle Trends of Realty and Interior Designs. It’ll grow and expand across all spheres of residential, official, super and mega malls, public and other types of living-constructions. There are many amazing and great Mobile Apps in an ecosystem of Mobile Apps who allow to control almost every electronic gadgets of home automation and of other areas of LifeStyles. Foursquare, Path and Google Plus are applicable Mobile Apps those have substantial potentials of bringing up great applicability to Home Automation

  14. Special Fashion Services:

    The services of Social Media Platforms have already been leveraged into all aspects of Fashion and LifeStyle Businesses. The Street Fashion Shows and Street Fashion Wears are most common and successful business concepts trending not only in India but also in UK, USA ,China, Russia, Italy and Ukraine. Henceforth, Social Media Marketing has a great potential of leveraging reliable services in branding, marketing and selling things through Street Fashion and it’ll grow globally. There are many markets who are popular in Street Fashion. Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Janpath are top Street Fashion hubs in National Capital City regions of India.

Blogger And Analyst:Amrit Chhetri ,Place:Siliguri,Darjeeling

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10 Essentials Steps Of Requirement Analysis Of Social Media Reports

  1. Prepare Plan Of Requirement Analysis:
    Create a simple but great Project Plan dedicated to Requirement Analysis of your Social Media Reports and Social Media Dashboard in details. Include a complete schedule of constant communications with CXO( CMO, CTO, CSO,CFO and CEO), Solution Architect or System Architect, Social Media Analysts,Business Analysts,Power Users and End-Users through all possible communication channels. It is great idea to prepare a detailed plan of writing up of all necessary documents in the Project Plan. In most of the organizations and enterprises, this task is performed by a designated Project Manager.
  2. Outline Whole Requirements:
    At the beginning of Requirement Analysis, prepare an outline of requirements of Social Media Reports and Social Media Dashboard through short interaction with your System Architect or Solution Architect or Software architect, Business Analysts or Social Media Analyst, CTO or CIO, CEO and Functional Heads using all possible communication channels- Audio and Video Conferences, Enterprise Social Media, Emails, Phone And VOIP Calls and Voice Commands of HMD like Google Glass. The outcome of this analysis can be used as inputs to write report-design documents- FDS(Functional Design Specifications),DDS(Detailed Design Specifications), SRS( Software Requirement Specifications) and Test Cases. You outline the requirements of Technical Business Analysts, Business Analysts,Business Users and Functional Heads. In 2014 and beyond that, all Business Executives associated with Social Media Marketing will leverage Social Media Analytics and Social Media Dashboard in executing and formulation of Social Media Marketing Strategies. In technical side also, collect the necessary information in all aspects including an accessibility of the Reports and Dashboard on Smartphones and Mobiles.
  3. Create Use-Case Of The Requirements:
    To start the process of documentation of requirements, you create Use Cases of requirements considering all inputs finalized from the initial interactions and meetings with all associated executive including CEO. In creating the standard documents, you can use Software Design Architect Software like Visio and IBM Rational Architect. It is a great idea to have Activity Diagrams, Interactions Diagrams and Deployment Diagrams in your SRS and DDS. At end of this process, create SRS(Software Requirement Specifications) to capture the technical
    details including software architecture of your Social Media Solution.
  4. Interact With Business Users-Granulate Requirement Analysis:
    In this phase of Requirement Analysis, plan and schedule meetings and interactions with the groups of Business Users and End Users from different functional areas to gather the requirements in detail. As your requirements goes on more granularity, constantly keep on updating FDS,DDS, SRS and other relevant documents. You can leverage enterprise Email-Facilities, Phone and VOIP Calls, Enterprise Social Media Networks, Social Networks, Audio and Video Conferences and physical meetings to interact with all associated business users.
  5. Interactions With Functional Heads -Granulate Requirement Analysis:
    To conclude Requirement Analysis process, initiate interactions using enterprise Email-Facilities, Phone and VOIP Calls, Enterprise Social Media Networks, Social Networks, Audio and Video Conferences and physical meetings with the functional heads from different business departments including Finance. As your requirements goes on granularity, keep on updating DDS based on the suggestions and inputs from the functional heads. Approval of all documents by the responsible functional and technical heads and CEO can be considered as one of The Best Practices Of Designing Social Media Reports but it is not a mandatory step. Now, plan and schedule time and allocate necessary resources to design Prototype of the solution.
  6. Create Prototype Of The Solution:
    Presenting the Prototype of your solution to CXO( CMO, CTO, CSO,CFO and CEO),Solution Architect or System Architect or Software Architect, Social Media Analysts,Business Analysts,Power Users and End-Users makes the solution less error-prone.As part of this practice, utilize all points gathered inside FDS, DDS and SRS to design either HTML-based Prototype or actually working Prototype deciding based up on the suggestions from Solution Architect or System Architect or Software or yourself if you are heading the team of solution design. In designing an actually working Prototype, leverage the power and features the platform that will be deployed in the production environment.
  7. Present Your Prototype To Business Users:
    Plan and schedule an event or UWT with Coffee and Cookies Moment to present the Prototype along with all relevant documents of your Social Media Solution. It is the latest trend to present all of the requirements as an interactive Video illustrated with voice message wherever needed. During the event, collect all suggestions and Change Requests from executives of all capacities and responsibilities associated with the solution. You can schedule the ending of the event or UWT with distribution of an interactive and intuitive User Manual to CXO( CMO, CTO, CSO,CFO and CEO), Solution Architect or System Architect or Software Architect, Social Media Analysts, Business Analysts,Power Users and End-Users. Request all of them to provide feedback and suggestion for the User Manual through all possible communication channels.
  8. Update Prototype And Documents:
    Now it is time to update FDS, DDS, SRS and prototype of your solution. To executive this task, finalize all updates and suggestions collected on UWT which are necessary go inside design documents. At beginning of DDS, put the requirements summarized from FDS, update DDS and SRS with the screen-shots taken from Solution Prototype and other relevant sources, associate the additional documents and URLs inside the main documents for further references in reading the DDS during report development.
  9. Handover Prototype And Docs To Development Team:
    Take the necessary approvals before sending the documents for final approval by Business Heads and further by CTO and CEO, if it is suits in your organization hierarchy. Once approved by all necessary business and functional heads, given them to the development team in an event. Hurray!Requirement Analysis of your Social Media Reports is over!
  10. Update Documents As Changes Come-Up:
    Responsible Project Manager along with designated AMs(Assistant Managers) and Team Leaders can initiate the process of designing of reports and KPIs utilizing the inputs from Project Plan and all other necessary documents including SRS. It is always evident for noticing some of mirror updates and changes during the development phase and you constantly update them to respective documents in detail.

    Analyzed By And Author: Amrit Chhetri, Twitter:
    Place: Darjeeling-734312

Power Of Mobile Apps In Education

The use of technology in education leverages great value additions and makes it systematic, innovative and easier in all respects. It can be applied in making the educational-content delivery mechanism more efficient, simpler and convenient. Social Media and Mobile Apps are two software-driven platforms that have been leveraged into all type of education and training systems including competitive exams and admission process.

It is possible to bring a tech-savvy, innovative and well analyzed best practices to an ecosystem of education by leveraging Social Media Platforms and Mobile Apps. They have been successful in bringing a unique experience in learning and teaching methodology. Mobile Apps can be used as the great tools for learning English Grammar, Computer Programming, Fashion & LifeStyle, Basic Health-Tips including Love Making, Cooking and Bar-Tending. In my Analysis, The Top 3 Mobile Apps on Android for learning English Grammar are:
  1. English Phrasal Verbs
  2. English Idioms
  3. Thesaurus App
To install Mobile Apps on Android, follow steps below:
  1. Go to Google Play for Android or Apps Store applicable to devices like smartphones, Phablets and SmartWatches.
  2. Search for App by it name or category.
  3. Click on Install button, it installs the Mobile Apps.
Besides, learning English Grammar, an appropriate Mobile App can be used to generate and curate real-time content for the various subjects like ‘World Economy’ ,’Healthcare’, ‘Technology in Healthcare’ and ‘Open Source Robotics’. The top Mobile Apps for content curation are:
  1. Pulse
  2. Flipboard
  3. PearlTrees
  5. Storify
  6. Bitly
  8. Zite

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To store, manage and access the study-notes, sample papers, eBooks, Audio-Books and other types of resources about various subjects across mobile computing devices like Smartphones, Phablets, Ultrabook and Tablet, Cloud Storage can be as the innovative idea.The following Cloud Storage gives minimum of 5GB FREE Storage:
  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. Skydrive
  4. Sugardrive
  5. BOX
Time is the key in every education system and internet is the biggest source of information of any subject.Therefore, management and monitoring of URLs(Uniform resource Locators) and other resource-links can be made easier, simpler, user-friendly and best by using Bookmarking Tools. Top Social Bookmarking Mobiles Apps/Sites are:
  1. Reddit
  2. Delicious
  3. Digg
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. Bitly
    Also Read: Mobile Apps Analysis

    Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013

CES 2013- Reincarnation of Technology And Innovations

CES, Consumer Electronics Show is held every January at Las Vegas with the aim of demonstrating and bringing-up the new innovations and the new products in incubation to the world. It was started in the year of 1967. In 2013, it was held for three days starting from 11th January till 13th of January 2013. Analysis of highlights and reviews on twenty thousands concepts and innovations yields an expensive but interesting results.I have presented my reviews of reviews by all great

  1. Mobiles:
    The intelligent, fastest-computation power,flexible, smart, ultra-thin or fold-able and multipurpose tablets, smart-phones and mobiles will rule the Mobile World in future. The assemblers and manufacturers who can bring these on earliest as possible will achieve its marketing vision very easily.

  2. TV And Technology:
    4K is new buzz in the world of technology for TV and other visual display devices. Every TV technology tribes in the market longer than any other technology. So, it is important to bring the TV with new technology in bigger vision. The TV powered by new technology like 4k, OLED, AMOLED, HD AMOLED, ULTRA HD AMOLED will change the world in many ways but time and its success depends mainly on two three factors, new advantages of new technology in design, price and time factors.

  3. Car And Automobiles:
    Car Industry is becoming highly techno-savvy and it is one of the top 5 technology adopting segment in the world. Every big manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, GM etc. have decorated the vehicle system with all applicable technologies and technology-driven innovations to keep themselves at topmost layer. So, every useful technology in car and bikes can boost its presence and sales in the market.

  4. LifeStyle, Fashion & Home Appliance:
    The use of innovative technology in LifeStyle and Fashion has taken a big place since last four years and this trend will become very intensive in future. The accessories for Kitchen, Toilets, pubs, bedrooms, colleges and schools and other public places can be made really innovative, energy-savvy, secure and lively by blending the right kind and amount of energy with the existing or incubating products.

  5. Robotics:
    Domestication of robots is becoming a new trend in the adoption of technology-extensive devices for personal ,healthcare,fashion and domestics usages. It ranges from answering the door-machine to sweeping and clearing up of a romantic master bedroom, scheduled task for cleaning the floors and walls, serving the prescribed medicine, cooking lovely cookies on birthday and anniversary to sharing of love and emotions almost like the living human being . This easiness has given the sky-wide open opportunity for robots designed specially for personal, domestic, healthcare, education, training and research,

  6. Home Automation :
    Home Automation is biggest opportunity for every hand-held devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets, futuristic PaperTab and multipurpose Remote-Device. Even new display technologies like OLED, 4K, AOMLED and Ultra AMOLED can bring higher perfection and trendy fashion in Home Automation. The devices capable of bringing all appliances in Centralized Access will be great hit in future. In same context, the idea or concepts of bringing the homes appliances powered by real mobile operating systems like iOS, Android etc. will real-time compatibility in the network of Home Automation. TV controlled by high-power processor rather than simple chip-set is much needed concept and it will add the additional capability towards the Smart & Social Computing through TV.

  7. Gaming Innovations:
    Games are the early and biggest adopters of innovative technology and portability of devices and availability of the right operating platforms will make them useful, impressive and successful in today’s world of portable shapes and sizes. The Gaming Platforms based on Phablets or Tablets is the great idea in bringing the new innovation in gaming world.

          Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013

Trends of 2013

The trends are nothing but the number of wider adoption of products, services, technology and other innovations. The trends of anything in 2013 will be an exceptional one in excellency, maturity and advancements. Those trends will be the starting point for the new generation of the matured, micro and nano-technology based offerings. In my analytical view, the following will be surfaced as the great Trends Of 2013 :-

1. Top 6 Trends of Smartphones: 
Mobile Wallet aka NFC or Google/Microsoft Wallet:NFC based Electronic Wallet will start dominating the Payment System for E-Commerce . The Google Wallet and Google Checkout from Google, Microsoft Wallet from Microsoft, Square from Square will give the different landscape of the electronic payment system in 2013. My e- Paper on E-Wallet, , brings a latest news and updates on it.

3-D Maps: 3-D Maps available in Apple iOS 6 onwards will add the third dimension on top of the 2-D Map experience for all Apple iPhones, iPads ,iPod Touches and iPad Mini users. The release for the similar support for 3-D Maps is expecting from Google on its Mobile Operating System, Android.

Social Music: Listening, organizing, composing and remixing of Music using the application for music available directly as Social Platform or integrated with Social Media Tools for Mobile will be the greatest trend of Mobile. Integrated Cloud Storage on Mobile or Tablets facilitates the direct access of their music- audios, videos and others files from the Cloud and it gives them hassle free storage capability. Apart from the arrival of some innovative & futuristic music platform, users will have an option of using already available platforms like SoundCloud,YouTube, Vimeo etc. for accessing music using their Mobile or Tablets.
Social Platform Integrated with Apple iTune 11 brings another dimension to Social Music through iOS supported devices. Apple devices users can share their own or music they organized into iTune 11 to the friends, the colleagues, the partners and family members using its integrated Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter etc.

Bigger Adoption of Mobile Apps: Mobile Apps will boom as the hot cake in early 2013 for the users of Mobile or Smartphone from all mobiles companies and running on top of all the Mobile Operating Systems. Google Play for Google Android and Apple Store for Apple iOS are two great Mobile Apps Stores. Besides, Blackberry has its own Mobile Apps Store to facilitate its Blackberry users.
Mobile Apps for Healthcare, Social-Commerce, Education, Travel, Social Dating,Voice-Based Apps and Social Music will be the top most categories of Mobile Apps in 2013.

Voice Recognizer based Apps: Adoption of Voice based Mobile Apps offered either by Mobile Manufacturers like Apple(iOS), Google(Android), RIM( BB OS), Samsung(Bada) ,Nokia(Symbian) etc or by independent developers and companies will be in great demand in 2013.
There are already great Mobile App like voice enabled Navigation System available for Android and Apple users. The similar categories of application for Healthcare, Travel, Education ,Social Dating & Music will start bombarding into market by mid 2013.

Ultra-Thin Models or Fold-ability: Slim & Ultra-Thin Models of Mobiles & Smartphones will emerge into market as one of the hot trends in 2013. The price factor may slow-down its wider adoption but it market share can grow steadily starting from mid 2013. 

2. Top 11 Trends of Social Media:
Social TV : Viewing of Social Videos on Social Media Platforms or Social Media TVS like Google TV, Apple TV and Social Platform enabled Smart-TV will trend as the most adopted Social Fashion in 2013. It gives 360 degree freedom to watch Videos Contents or broadcasting from all available TV channels .i.e TV Service Providers & Broadcasters, Social Video Sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Pheed, CyPop etc. and TV Channels Broadcasters on Social Media.

S-Commerce, F-Commerce & T-Commerce : E-commerce using Social Media Networks will bring a different experience among online- shopper in 2013.The S-Commerce through Facebook(F-Commerce) and Twitter(T-Commerce) and through other Social Networks(S-Commence) will show excellency of technology on online- shopping. Facebook Gift started for US users can be expected to go global and its ‘Want’ button helps in converting the Social Experience into Shopping Experience.

Social/Digital Newsletter :Organizing of Social Contents in categorized units will become as key Social Trend in 2013 and it can be termed as ‘Social Newsletters’. They can be created either by organizing the Social Updates, Post and Pages from a Social Site into different categories like ‘BigData & Cloud Newsletter‘, ‘Fashion &Cosmetics Newsletter‘ etc. Recently lunched ‘Feed Page’ from Facebook allows to design similar type of Social Newsletters from the pages you followed and it will be the hot trend in 2013. Facebook users can create Social Newsletters for customized categories using its List to group the post, updates and shares and to generate one Page-Like View.
One path-breaking name on this line is ‘Newsweek’ which will go 100 % digital by 1st Jan, 2013 and it is expected that all of its users will move into Digital Version of publication. Analytically,90% of existing users may go to Social Experience powered by the suitable Mobile Apps. Flipboard & Google Reader also allow to design a great Social Newsletter using the Social Post and RSS feeds.

Social Video Marketing :
Delivering the Sales and Marketing ideas or concepts through short Videos on Social Media will dominate the other type of marketing tools. It is becoming the most successful and hot trend of Social Media in 2013. International Footwear giants like Adidas & Reebok have already adopted this tool.
Almost all software companies who are into Cloud Business have already realized the impact of its Sales and Marketing power. The Social Platform like YouTube, Instagram,Vimeo, Pinterest, etc are gearing up as the global leaders & players to make this trend really successful .

Social Education :
Broadcasting, organizing the educational contents- e-Books, Newsletters, audios and Videos for any educational activities like training, classes, knowledge sharing and Social updates will become the hottest trend in 2013.Classroom20, classmate are two good Social Sites from Social Education.

Social HR/Recruitment :
Besides Professional Networking SiteS like Linkedin etc, other Social Networks like Facebook,Twitter, Google Plus,, etc will be used heavily by Human Resource Workforce for the recruitment of right candidates and it will remain as the hottest trend in 2013. Facebook has rolled out an application for the Social Recruitment or Hiring of right candidates through Facebook and it is being adopted by some of larger corporate and business houses. Great and easy application integrated with Social Media have emerged into market and they will show its real impact and maturity in 2013.

Social Video Calling: Social Calling will be the topmost trend of Social Media in 2013. Mobile Apps like FaceTime from Apple, Video-Calling from Facebook, Skype from Microsoft, WhatApps, Nimbuzz, ooVoo, upcoming version of BBM from RIM(Research In Motion) and recently announched calling app,Hookflash from Linkedin will give the different experience in making person-to- person and group calling using VOIP(Voice Over Internet Protocol). VOIPR is another Mobile Apps which allow to make call using VOIP. Unfortunately, some of the countries may remain out of this trend as VOIP-based calling is not legal on that land. The latest development in social monitoring technology may give the enough room for policy makers to legalize or to remove such restrictions in the future or may be by early 2013!

Social & Video Resume : Owing a beautifully designed Professional Details either on textual form or as Video will be the hottest trend in 2013. World’s largest Professional Network Site Linkedin has already revamped its Profile Page to make it fit into this great professional trend. Linkage of the presentations from Google Docs and Slideshare,, getting blogs into the profile page etc. have been adopted by all professionals to beautify their profiles and its adoption will be the maximum by mid 2013.
The Personal Management Site, Naymz maintains Video Resume to boost the user ranking or score in Social Networking Sites.,   is another great Social Site for maintaining professional summary on Social Site.

Social Publication : The Digital Publication facilitated by Social Media will boom in 2013 and Shutterfly is one of the such player in market. Its calender, cards and photo-portfolio designing apps are awesome.Even just not one year old has already taken a great position in Social Publication and its Social presence can reach will improve drastically by early 2013. Another self-publishing Social Platform is expecting to make a great debut in 2013.

Social Dating : Internet Dating was a fashion among young generations in early 90s in US and mid 90s in other parts of the world. In today’s, Social Dating site gives a meaningful dating room with an intelligent selection of partners filtered out by the Self-Intelligent system behind the scene.Some openly innovative ideas have already been emerged on Social Dating and one of them is the dedicated site for Airport Dating. It is amazingly great for the young generations who want to spend a romantic and quality time at Airports and to add the social experience on Air- Traveling.Yahoo recently acquired Mobile Video-Chat startup, OnTheAir to offer something interesting in this line.

Visual Marketing : The use and the Social impact of Visual Marketing Platforms like PinterestInstagram, upcoming Visual Platform from Facebook , Lockerz, Flickr etc. will grow in 2013 and they will revolutionize the way photos, infographics and others visual contents are used in Sales and Marketing. New entrants of Social Media like CyPopGoMad,Pheed etc. will get the bigger opportunity to debut their innovative functionality

3. Top 6 Trends of Enterprise Software:
Mobile BI & Mobile Dashboard: Accessing BI Reports, Analytics, KPIs and Business Cockpit or Executive Dashboard on Portable Devices like Smartphone,Tablets & iPad will trend across all enterprise and across all level of users in 2013.The steady inclination of Cloud Computing towards Mobile Platforms makes this trend more meaningful and useful. Almost all BI Platforms providers like SAP,Actuate, SAS, Oracle, IBM etc are already ready to support this trend in 2013. The migration of Social Networks users from Desktop to Mobile and Tablets supports this trend of BI and it becomes the great adoption in 2013.

Mobile & Social Marketing: Marketing Campaigns and all other Sales & Marketing activities will make a great shift to focus Smartphones and Tablets users as the potential prospects. The steady growth of Social Commerce supports this trend at greater scale. Facebook’s ‘Want’ button is a great strategy on this line. Facebook has already started smart move on this line and Google AdWords and other Social Marketing will focus on converting Mobile Users and Social Profiles into true prospects and later to the customers.

Social Analytics & Social Dashboard:  The fast growing Social Media and Social Analytics will bring a concept and idea of having separate Business Dashboard for Social Analytics to monitor all Social Media driven business activities in 2013.

3-D Maps and Applications: Use of 3-D Maps in Spatial BI gives the real view of Business Information and it is evident that the fast growing Spatial BI will bring the new trend of having 3-D maps on Business Intelligence Platforms. Similarly, upcoming support from Google for 3-D Maps is strategic support for this trend in 2013. The can be expected all of the upcoming Business Application like ERP, CRM, TMS will come with the support for 3-D Maps.  

Social ERP, ENS & Social CRM : Owing a Social Collaborative Platform in ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning & CRM- Customer Relation Management will be the great trend and it will start communicating collaboratively with Enterprise Social Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+.

Cloud Computing : The Cloud Computing is the most recent and greatest technological advancement in Grid Storage and Computation. It will remain the one of the hottest trend across in Enterprise Software. The adoption can be categorized as Cloud Infrastructure-As-A-Service, Platform-As-A-Service, Software-As-A-Service & Private & Public Storage. Across all the enterprise, Could is used mainly to deploy and run the business applications like ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM(Customer Relation Management), CMS(Call Management System), TMS(Transport Management System).
Adoption of Cloud for BigData Analytics and other form of Data Warehouse will catch a big fire by early 2013 and the trend will continue end of the year. Microsoft, IBM, OpSource, GoGrid, HP and Teradata will remain as the key player of Cloud in 2013.

4. Top 6 Trends of Business Intelligence:
Mobile BI : Accessing BI Reports, Analytics, KPIs and Business Cockpit or Executive Dashboard on Portable Devices like Smartphone,Tablets ,iPod Touches & iPad will trend across all enterprise and among all level of users in 2013.The steady inclination of Cloud Computing towards Mobile Platforms makes this trend more meaningful and useful. Almost all BI Platforms providers like SAP,Actuate, SAS, Oracle, IBM etc are already ready to support this trend of 2013.The migration of Social Networks users from Desktop to Mobile and Tablets supports this trend of BI and it become the greatest adoption in 2013.

Social BI & Spatial BI :  Monitoring of Social Media activities using Social Analytics or Social BI like SocialReport, ViralHeat, TwentyFeet etc will emerged out as the great trend in 2013.It grow further along with the Cloud Computing and BigData. All big enterprises and business houses will start adopting and implementing Spatial BI Platforms like Yellowfin to get the great Business Values Addition from the Social Data gathered through their business activities on Social Media and general Social-Commerce and Social Network specific F-Commerce or T-Commerce.

Smart & Self-Responsive Dashboard :  The existing way of looking into Business Reports, KPIs and Analytics inside the Business Dashboard will change for the more interactive, self-responsive and it may accompanied by with Smart Search in 2013.Owing this capability makes sense when Smartphones and Tablets are used as the human interface towards any BI or Analytics System.

Social Dashboard : The fast growing Social Media and Social Analytics will bring a new idea of having separate Business Dashboard for Social Analytics to monitor all Social Media driven business activities in 2013.

Self-Predictive Analytics : Self-Predictive Analytics only with the Business Data or for Spatial Data or fully integrated with Spatial Data & Social Data will trend as the key trend as one of key trend of Business Intelligence in 2013.The great support for BigData by Cloud and fast growing BigData Analytics also facilitates the arrival of this trend in BI Market by 2013.

Voice Responsive BI & Smart Search BI : To sync with the Mobile BI and emerging out Voice-based or Voice-Enabled Mobile Apps brings gives a birth of new trend on BI and it is nothing but Voice Responsive BI. Although, Smart Search have already been delivered and adopted by enterprise, it will become key trend in 2013.

5. Top 10 Fashion Trends:
Modern Ethnic Gesture :  Fashion reinvents itself with some theme of the past and adding all great trendy styles blossomed by all innovations around it. So, 2013 will bring some of the greatest Fashion Trends based on Cultural values and by adding modern innovations to them.

Modern Rock-N-Roll Style : Rock-N-Roll of early 60 is one the greatest change in human-lifestyle and the similar trends may come with modernized changes in design and fitness.

Formal Funky Hair-cuts : Almost every electronic devices are trending towards the slim and trim Fashions. The same can be expected in Personal Fashions too. Formal Funny with neat cut at back and sides makes the man or woman trendy with modern gesture electronically powered with Smartphones, Tablets, iPods and Smart Glasses.  

Bright Skin-Fit Shoes & other Footwear : Just like neat funky hair cut, well fitted footwear will trend across all national and internal brands. The same trends can be expected from all international designers by early 2013.

Loose Low-Waist Jeans & Formals : Fashion moves along with comfort-ability in wearing the things on daily or in professional life. Low-Waist jeans always gives freedom in body movements and adds an additional  comfort- ability. The similar trends can be expected in Formal, Designer and other branded Casuals in 2013.

Wearable Devices : The commercial production of clothes, glasses  & other wearable devices with electronic devices useful in daily life like Smart-phones etc will trend in market by end of 2013.

Big-Rimed & Bright Sunglasses : Big-Rimmed sunglasses are already in trend and it will remain the same throughout 2013.

Designer Tablets/Smartphones, Watches & Ultrabook : A richness of trend and style comes through the Smartphones and Tablets designed by Designers with some great theme value. Mobile market may get boom with affordable Designer Smartphones and Tablets to give the bigger designer-experience to mass.

Mild Floral & Bio-Excreted Perfumes : Perfumes are manufactured using either organic ingredients or using natural flowers as the source of fragrance. As majority of people using expensive and branded perfumes are educating themselves for the value of Disease Free Health.The perfumes and body fragrance based on natural excreta from the flowers and other valuable plants & herbals will trend in market in 2013.

Fine-Lined Kajal, eyeshadow & Feminine Lipsticks : Eyes are the center of presenting the femininity and beauty to the external world and beautify the same with Kajal is old and traditional fashion. It will trend among national and international fashion industry and models.

6. Top 10 Technology Trends:
Home Automation : Not only the young generation but the older generation also has started loving the way  technology has changed the life to easiness. Owning a Centralized Automation Control System accessible over the handheld devices will trend in 2013.

This automation of Control System includes in-house and external security infrastructures, integrated entertainment system, well connected air cooling, the electronic devices in kitchens ,security system of car & Laptops & Ultrabooks. All of them can be installed and configured to create Centralized Automation System controllable from a single device. The default Remote Controls,Smartphones & Tablets are the most desirable devices for this work.

4G/3G On Smartphones & Tablets: Desktop based Personal and Business Computing are trending towards Mobile Computing followed by Ultra-Book Computing.To sync with the fast growing world, all Mobile Computing is in need of high speed internet services & connectivity like 4G or 4G LTE or 3G Internet connectivity apart from Wi-Fi based internet access on and around Wi-Fi zones.So, the current trend of accessing Internet on Mobile using 3G or 4G will boom in 2013.

Smart Glasses or Intelligent Classes : Personal and Industrial usages of Smart Glasses like Google Glasses will start trending into market and its adoption will go up sharply.Apart from Google another Switzerland based company has already debut the similar kind of Smart Glasses for the business and commercial use. Its adoption can be highest in area where the display of centralized information is necessary and such areas are High-Precision Medical Operations,Navigating System for Flying Objects,guiding of remote missions like Pathfinder.

Mobile Wallet or NFC -Payment System : NFC based Electronic Wallet will start dominating the Payment System for E-Commerce. The Google Wallet and Google Checkout from Google, Microsoft Wallet from Microsoft, Square from Square will give the different landscape of the electronic payment system in 2013.

Bio-Metric Banking : Banking Security System designed using the biometric identification principles will trend globally and can become the must trusted security system for all sort of banking and online transactions.Some Banks have introduced an innovative Cards loaded with Biometric information and Display Screen to make it more secure.
It uses the biometric and demographic information of a customer or person stored in a centralized database to validate the user credential or validity of users where ever necessary.And, authorization of services will be based on the result of first-step authentication.Steadily booming E-Wallet( Google Wallet, Microsoft Waller and Square Wallet)’s authentication mechanism may move towards the biometric mechanism by late 2013.

3-D Printing : This simple but technologically most advanced device brings a new revolution in printing of the solid 3D objects using polymers and other materials that gains a solid state after its fluid state.It will trend as the greatest device for creating 3-D prototypes,3-D Designs, 3-D Modeling and production of different parts of the mechanical or non-mechanical devices.Big players of Aeronautical Industry like GE has already placed 3-D printing to manufacture the different parts of its planes.

Flying Cars : Flying Cars are highly innovative and technologically most advanced concepts and it may start booming in market by late or mid 2013.The prototypes were demonstrated by US based company in early months of 2012 and its commercial version can be expected hit the market will with big bang!

Hybrid Cars & Engines : The demand of Luxury cars powered by Hybrid engines will grown in 2013 and effectively its price may fall down to give the most desirable categories of cars by late 2013. Alternative fuels like Bio-Fuel, Rechargeable Battery and Hydrogen-Oxygen based engines will come into market with Hybrid engines.

BigData & Cloud Computing :  BigData is already trending globally and the same will trend throughout 2013 to reach its estimated market size of USD 19.5 billion by 2015.Similarly,the Cloud Computing is the most recent and greatest technological advancement in Grid Storage and Computation.It will remain one of the hottest trend of the most desirable Computing Platforms among all enterprises and software development companies.The adoption can be categorized as Cloud SAAS, Cloud Infrastructure-As-A-Service, Platform-As-A-Service, Software-As-A-Service & Private & Public Storage. Across all the enterprises, Cloud Computing is used primarily to deploy and run the business applications like ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM(Customer Relation Management), CMS(Call Management System), TMS(Transport Management System). Adoption of Cloud for BigData Analytics and other types of Data Warehouse will catch a big fire by early 2013. Microsoft, IBM,OpSource, GoGrid, HP and Teradata will remain as the key players of Cloud in 2013.

OLED-Display Technology :
OLED has been considered for commercialization since last 5 years but it failed in critical areas on previous attempts. Recently, some of the electronics giants have manufactured the innovative display devices using this technology and it will remain one of the hottest display technology in 2013. The latest commercial production of OLED TV by LG is the greatest milestone to the success of this technology.

7. Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends:
Cloud is a great computing innovation and it has been adopted across all areas where online computing adds extra advantages. Some of my predictions for the trends of Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage are:-

Entertainment On Cloud:
The adoption of Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage for infotainment and multimedia broadcasting will grow from the very beginning of 2013 and it will remain one of top most trend of Cloud Computing in 2013. This will drive the use of Cloud for entertainment at great scale.
Healthcare on Cloud:
Cloud Security:
Green Cloud: 
Analytics And Business App On Cloud:

Author: Amrit Chhetri,

Social Commerce Is The Future of E-Commerce

Social Commerce -Definition :
Electronic commerce is a shopping innovation leveraged by internet and advancement on the related technologies. The same commerce when initiated through the Social Network and executed in any existing methods of supply-chain management then it becomes S-Commerce.So, Social Commerce brings a new generation kind of shopping experience.

Evolution of Social Commerce :
Social Commerce is new shopping experience created by Social Media on internet and it will occupy at least 50% of electronic shopping by end of 2012.Increasing number of internet and social networking users across the globe are the main boosting factors for Social Commerce and its success will continue in future. E-Book and E-Printing are also slowly moving towards the Social landscape and #Shutterfly has prominent presence in Social Commerce as Social Printing Service.

How e-commerce works?
Social Commerce is initiated directly either from the Social Commerce site,or Social Commerce application site or integrated Social Plugin in Social Network like Facebook, Twitter Google+ etc.Once the order is placed using the Social Commerce Platform like Groupon,the logistics and other delivery process are executed just like in any other standard E-Commerce business process but some of the S-Commerce vendors has strategized the better back-end process to bring the next generation type of service quality.

Applicable area of Social Commerce :
No doubt, social commerce is trending globally for all type business domains. S-Commerce can be leveraged in almost every electronic commerce and the main business domains where S-Commerce has been deployed are Social Games, Ticketing, Travel Management, Hotel Booking, Fashion and E-Book and Mobile.Fashion Retailer like ASOS has already great presence on Social Commerce and same is expected to grow further in future.

Dependent factors :

The S-Commerce is software driven business process and its success is directly dependent over the richness of electronic shopping,easiness of S-Commerce Platform and great UX. Besides, other parameters are also associated with it.It is also dependent on the number of internet and social media subscriber-base. All good social commerce strategies become successful if they can transform the social visitors into Social Customers at higher conversion ratio. Fast growing Smart-phone and Tablet user-base is directly facilitating the the success of S-Commerce and its fast growing success.
In Social Commerce, all financial transactions are transmitted over the internet and internet facilitated platform.It may go through some of insecure channel too. So, it has bought the need of good security mechanism for Social Commerce to make it compatible with fast growing business-processes and the need of specialized data security mechanism to make it safe on internet for all financial transactions.
Smartphones users from Rural-Areas of India will contribute contribute a lot towards the business opportunity on S-Commerce.

Major Social Commerce Players :
Groupon is the major global player in S-Commerce followed by Ticketfly in ticketing and currently there are more than 100 plus Social Commerce players in the market. Recently launched Facebook Gift is expected to bring altogether new shopping experience in Social Commerce but right now the offering is not available globally. Facebook’s ‘Want’ button will give it bigger business opportunity to convert the registered users into potential customer or actual customers. Ticketfly is another player with business interest in Ticketing and and Ticket management.

Social Commerce Technologies/Software Stacks :
The Social Network which is used for generating Social leads are the main backbone platform of Social Commerce. So. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google are the main source user-base for potential customer for Social Commerce. Indirectly,Enterprise Social Network,Social Networks and Social BI are three key components of S-Commerce

Social-Commerce Analysis :
To make any Social Commerce business successful, it is necessary to analyze every parameter from all aspects of Social Commerce and Social Media. And it brings the importance of Social BI and it importance will grow exponentially along with the increase of S-Commerce. Social BI technologies are emerging and its need will grow exponentially at global level. As Social Commerce happens in Social Networks or associated platforms, it contributes a ton of data towards BigData forcing the integration of Big Data Analytics into F-Commerce, T-Commerce and S-Commerce, Social-Search.

Social BI plays a great role in measuring the success of Social Commerce strategies and Social Media Campaigns.Measuring the performance of Social Marketing through Visual Analytics Tool is very important for a better ROI.Statigram is a very useful platform for measuring the performance of a Visual Marketing supported by Instagram.Pinerly helps in measuring the performance of Visual Social Marketing strategized using Pinterest for any sort of Social Commerce.All S-Commerce platforms can leverage LBS(Location Based Services) to improve its visitor-to-customer ratios.

 Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013