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14 Best Strategies Of Using Social Media In Fashion Business

Fashion is a Business of creativity,ideas and innovations in Lifecare either as refined design- concepts and innovative design-concepts or in the form of things acceptable to human being and their lifestyle. The Business of Fashion is one of the successful Business Models on Social Media Marketing. Social Media Platforms can be leveraged to every aspect of Fashion and Lifestyle businesses. The usages comprise Fashion Crowdsourcing to Client-Servicing in different corners of Fashion and Lifestyle.

  1. Social Media Platforms As Fashion Crowdsourcing Platforms:

    Fashion is a creativity-centric business model and it requires in-depth analysis of interests, people, places and ideas in bringing-up of great services and products of Fashion. These considerations help you to conceptualize, design, produce, promote and sell ideas,services and products on Social Media. To gather the ideas and concepts of designing an innovative fashion concepts, you leverage Social Media as one of the trusted sources of necessary knowledge. You can document these strategies and steps of gathering different ideas,knowledge and concepts of things of Fashion as The Best Practices of your Fashion Business and it is called Knowledge Crowdsourcing.

    There are many Social Network Platforms and Websites dedicated to generic Knowledge Crowdsourcing but popular and common Social Network Platforms are always effective to Fashion Knowledge Crowdsourcing. You utilize the services of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus as Knowledge Crowdsourcing Platforms of your Fashion Business. The Social Surveys and Social Media Campaigns are two most successful mechanisms of Fashion Knowledge Crowdsourcing.

  2. Use Social Media To Promote Fashion Businesses :

    You always leverage different services of Social Media Marketing to promote and market all sorts of Fashion creativity, ideas, services and products. Marketing of anything using Videos on Social Media is termed as Viral Marketing and it is one of the most successful marketing-channels that you can place into action to market different concepts of Fashion Businesses.

    You utilize services of every category of Social Media Networks including Social Visual Platforms like Pinterest, Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr and Google Plus to promote your Fashion Business. You also use YouTube, Instagram,Vine,Google Plus, Tumblr, Facebook and MixBit to promote Fashion creativity, services, ideas and products.

  3. Blogs As Social Media Marketing Channel:

    Writing up and curation of blogs of creativity, ideas, services and products on Fashion is the latest trend of Social Media Marketing. You can either own your own blogging sites by leveraging the services of blogging-platforms from WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or others or by registering the suitable blogging-addresses to post great blogs through, and Blog for Social Media Marketing blog is the latest and most successful trend of Social Media Marketing.

    The most popular platforms capable of catering good services to Fashion Blogging are WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Weebly and Joomla. As Tumblr has the highest number of younger viewers and readers, it is always great idea to maintain blogs on Tumblr if the creativity, ideas,services and products are X and Y generations centric.

  4. Content Curation As Social Marketing Tool:

    Social Content Curation serves as an effective and the trusted source of content of your Fashion Blogs. You share your curated content either directly from Social Curation Platforms and you refer these content to write own blogs of Fashion creativity,ideas, services and products. There are many Social Content Curation Platforms and some of them are really good for curating the content for your Fashion creativity, ideas, services and products. In my analysis, Flipboard,, Storify, and are The Top 5 Social Curation Platforms.

    Sharing of Social Content directly from Social Content Platforms including, and Flipboard to all common and popular Social Network Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr is an effective way of promoting your Fashion Business. This practice gives progressive chart of number of viewers and readers in an easiest way.

  5. Kick-Start Social Commerce Business Of Fashion:

    The use of Social Commerce is another best practice of leveraging Social Media Platforms to Fashion and Lifestyle Businesses. There are many Social Network Platforms that allows to have e-commerce sites of your Fashion creativity, ideas, services and products. The Social Commerce Platforms are succeeding heavily in the global market. The practice of commissioning services of Social Commerce Platforms in Fashion Businesses is really futuristic and most effective tool to generate a good ROI.

    Some of the best Social Network Platforms to your Social Commerce Business are LimeRoad and eBay. Almost every Social Commerce Platform allows to promote, market and sell different ideas, services and products in an easiest way using Social Media Marketing.

  6. Serving Fashion Updates On Social Media:

    Social Media Networks have already been leveraged to publish and inject regular updates and information of Fashion to the users. One of the common Fashion Blog Trends is maintaining general category of Blogs,Reviews,Viral Videos and intuitive-presentations of generic Fashion Shows, Wearable Fashion Shows, Bikini Shows and other types of Fashion events and seminars. The regular updates and flash-backs of great Fashion Week Events like Mumbai Fashion Week,New York Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week and similar events in Fashion-Savvy hill stations like Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Kathmandu and Shimla are most impressive way of using Social Media in an ecosystem of Fashion.

    You can commission all common and popular Social Networks Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr to push updates,comments and reviews of different categories of Fashion Products. FashionTV’s Pages on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Pheed and Tumblr are great examples of Social Network Pages. Those pages give the latest Fashion updates instantly and regularly. The real-time live-streaming of Fashion Shows through Video Streaming Platforms like YouTube, Google Hangout, Vimeo and Ustream is an effective strategy and it yields really good ROI at lower TCO. All Wearable Devices including Microsoft’s newly conceptualized sensor-fitted Woman-Bras will create a booming effects on Social Media Marketing in selling High-Tech Fashion concepts and products.

  7. Cocktails And Food Recipes On Social Media:

    Cocktails and Cocktail Recipes are most trendy recipes of today’s Lifestyle and Fashion. You can count heavily on Social Media Networks to brand, promote and sell great formulae, recipes, services and products of Cocktails, Cocktail Recipes, Mocktails and Mocktails Recipes and other Drink Recipes. Use of Mobile Apps in Cocktail Industry is trending as one of The Top Trends of Mobile Apps since 2013 and will grow further in 2014. It gives an easy and accurate information of Cocktails and Cocktail Recipes. Cocktail Mixology, Cocktail Flow and Bar Tender are top three Mobile Apps for Cocktails lovers.

    In 2012, The US President Mr. Barak Obama contributed few premium Cocktail Recipes categorically through one of his tweets. Those recipes became popular instantly at the global scale and created a sensationalized popularity on Social Media Community. Besides, all great Bar Schools and Cocktail Sommeliers have leveraged Social Video Platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Vine to promote and sell their ideas and services on Social Media.

  8. Fashion Healthcare Services On Social Media:

    Fashion is no more an exclusive and hefty expensive Lifestyle Business. It is expanding as one of the best practices of maintaining good health, globally. It is a great idea to maintain blogs and Social Network Pages dedicated to Fashion Healthcare. There are many Social Networks and websites specialized on Healthcare Services with great potential of giving all valuable and unbeatable medical guidelines and services to mass. Now, it is a part of Social Media Healthcare and which is growing sharply.

    OneHealth and WebMD leverage two great web and mobile applications to Healthcare and lifestyle.You leverage their services in two distinct ways. Firstly, as a source of Social Content Curation and secondly to share posts, reviews and updates related to Healthcare Services. Social Media Platforms has tremendous potential of becoming powerful tools to ChildCare and other MedCare Services in the ecosystem of Healthcare. There are many Social Media Platforms and Mobile Apps which cater the latest and high-tech MedCare Services. BabyCare and WebMD are great Social Platforms in serving everything to healthy growth of your babies under the international standards and guidelines from WHO.

  9. Beauty-Care Services:

    Like in Fashion Healthcare Services, you leverage Social Media Platforms to reach your followers, readers and viewers with blogs, updates and reviews of ideas, services and products of beauty-care. Almost all great national and international beautycare brands have already started leveraging Social Media Platforms in their Beautycare Businesses.

    There are numerous Web and Mobile platforms serving to Beautycare Services, Beauty Tips and Beauty products. The great Social Beautycare Platforms are Pompadour, Pheed and Pinterest. You use Pinterest to improve social presence of your business of Beautycare services. Beautycare is a process-centric service that uses visuals with suitable textual narration to bring great business-impact to viewers and readers. In same way, Social Video Platforms capable of leveraging video-services to beautycare are Instagram,Vine and Google Plus.

  10. Social Media Platforms As Launching Pad:

    The launch of Fashion ideas, services and products on Social Media is an innovative and most successful trends of Fashion. Henceforth, you use all standard Social Network Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr to announce launches of Fashion ideas, services and products to mass.

    You leverage the services of blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr to announce and launch new stuffs of Fashion Business to which you have used Social Media Platform as an additional Marketing Tool. FashionTV, Lakeme and Wills LifeStyle are top brands who have utilized Social Media Marketing to the fullest. The use of Social Video Networks as launching-pads for all marketable ideas, services and products of Fashion is the innovative strategy in Social Media and it’ll grow sharply in future.

  11. Fashion Boutiques On Social Media Platforms:

    Bringing a great success to any Fashion Business and Fashion Boutiques is not an easy task, it requires a balanced-execution of all designing, branding and marketing strategies. You always leverage the services of Social Media Platforms to market all stuffs of Fashion like ideas, services and products.

    I personally suggest all Fashion Boutique owner to own his presence in Social Media Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pheed and Tumblr to boost-up the Fashion Businesses. You think of owing two different Fashion Boutiques with Social Media Platforms – one in Social Commerce Platforms and another one in physical space.

  12. Agri-Fashion On Social Media:

    All agricultural ideas, innovations, services and products are slowly trending as a part of daily Fashion and LifeStyle. Social Media is one of the best Marketing Channels to brand,promote and sell agricultural products like crossed-hybrid cucumber in innovative ways.

    There are limited numbers of personal brands, retailers and companies who are selling green and fresh agricultural products as branded items through Social Media Marketing. So, it is a great idea to have textual and video blogs to sell agricultural innovations, ideas and products of Fashion. All fauna and flowers are great essences of today’s Lifestyle and Fashion. It is a great concept to have social pages and blogs for brands,shops and boutiques who are selling agri-product based Fashion items.

  13. Social Media Platforms For Home Automation:

    Home Automaton is one of The Top 10 Lifestyle Trends of Realty and Interior Designs. It’ll grow and expand across all spheres of residential, official, super and mega malls, public and other types of living-constructions. There are many amazing and great Mobile Apps in an ecosystem of Mobile Apps who allow to control almost every electronic gadgets of home automation and of other areas of LifeStyles. Foursquare, Path and Google Plus are applicable Mobile Apps those have substantial potentials of bringing up great applicability to Home Automation

  14. Special Fashion Services:

    The services of Social Media Platforms have already been leveraged into all aspects of Fashion and LifeStyle Businesses. The Street Fashion Shows and Street Fashion Wears are most common and successful business concepts trending not only in India but also in UK, USA ,China, Russia, Italy and Ukraine. Henceforth, Social Media Marketing has a great potential of leveraging reliable services in branding, marketing and selling things through Street Fashion and it’ll grow globally. There are many markets who are popular in Street Fashion. Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Janpath are top Street Fashion hubs in National Capital City regions of India.

Blogger And Analyst:Amrit Chhetri ,Place:Siliguri,Darjeeling

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