16 Essential Steps Of Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

To surface gigantic achievements out of Social Media Marketing, you leverage the strategies and steps analyzed below:

  1. Know Your Product Or Service Well:

    The complete details of Things that you sell is an important attribute of Social Media Marketing and it yields really great result by considering it into your Social Media Strategies. Even in 6Ps Rules Of Marketing, product always takes the highest position followed by people. You plan of running a Marketing Campaign and utilizing the available inputs from all associated heads to get complete idea of products to be engaged in future. The selling trends, key selling features, target customer segments and geographical regions, socio-economic positions of customer, customer behaviors in the zones, average societal-strata of customers, Market Exit Reasons of other competitors, comparative view of products from other competitors in present and future, availability and types of logistics, government rules and policies are key attributes of today’s Social Media Marketing.
    You can leverage Competitive Intelligence and Customer Intelligence to know the information in more detail. Besides, they are valid for selling the services too, including engineering, construction, human resources, private security and police services, transportation, railway, healthcare and aviations through Social Media Marketing.
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  2. Business Analysis Of Expectations:

    Just like product knowledge, knowing the expectations of your Social Media Marketing from all aspects is a vital step in gaining a greater success from Social Media Marketing. Prepare a list of all expectations and outcomes as a document and include the target sales figures, projected sales figures, actual sales figures in the last selling periods(WOW,FOF, MOM, QOQ and YOY) and targets sales figures of other marketing channels like brand-shops, retailing and franchised shops. These information are important due to differences in sales figures of same product or services or other things from different sales channels.

  3. Analysis of Business Issues:

    To formulate world class Social Media Strategies, it is very important to know all possible hurdles, problems and issues that may occur inside Social Media Marketing and Sales. You prepare a list of all possible hurdles, issues and problems as a document including important information like seasonal selling patterns, socio-political stability and reasons of reduction of customers like floods and shifting of residential colonies.
    If the strategies are meant for selling of premium electronic devices of category of Head Mounted Display like Telepathy One or Google Glass, the availability of better devices in comparatively lower prices from other competitors is the biggest threat in achieving the bigger sales through Social Media Marketing. You can create the counter-strategies against these problems. Offering the same product bundled with another relevant service or product like 4G Connectivity or Baby Earphone or subscriptions of Digital Publication from leading publishers including Times Of India, NYT, The Washingtonpost, Time Magazine, The Guardian, Teen Vogue and The Forbes.

  4. Consider All Latest Trends:

    To design the best, updated and next generation quality of Social Media Strategies, you can consider all the latest and futuristic trends of the product, industry and Social Media Marketing into your Social Media Strategies. To capture the present trends of the product, conduct a knowledge crowdsourcing, consider all vital points of Case Studies from leading Market Research Firms like Gartner and KPMG and independent Business Analysts like Amrit Chhetri and Carol Stephen and leverage outcome of Competitive Intelligence and Customer Intelligence, if they are available in your organization.
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  5. Outline The Social Media Strategies::

    Now, it is time to outline strategies for your Social Media Marketing. Amalgamate all inputs from Business Plan, Product Knowledge, hurdle and other inputs relevant to Social Media Marketing. Divide overall strategies into two parts-core Social Media Marketing Strategies and Execution Strategies. The importance of Social Media Marketing in Digital Marketing is really important point of your strategies and include outcome of different Social Media Marketing campaigns can be part your strategies. In executing these strategies, you can include plan and details from different types of documented needed. Detailed Analysis of Social Media Marketing Platforms, content types, categories and the names of different campaigns, analysis of different marketing activities. Keep options open for leveraging all sales channels utilizing Social Commerce, F/T Commerce, Mobile Commerce and Blog Commerce to market your product or service.

  6. Prepare An Army Of Social Media Professionals:

    Through Social Media Marketing looks essay from outside, it is not that simple to get best selling success of any service or product. You evaluate skills-sets of all available social Media Professionals and plan for Corporate Training to train them to its best within a limited period of time. If you have hired new resources, consult your Social Media Strategist and Solution Architect or Software Architect or System Architect to know right-set of requirements to hire new resources to run and analyze the Social Media marketing.If size of the team is greater than five, it is great idea to have a specialized Social Media Consultant or Social Media Analyst who can provide techno-functional inputs including insights of Business in future.

  7. Write Core Content Of Social Media Marketing:

    Analyze and outline the scope of the marketing content, resource allocation, copyright, ways of content curation and scope of granulating the content further into platform specific style. Your outlines must be very generic in nature with all important headings and sub-headings of the content in summarized manner.
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  8. Engage With The Process Of Social Content Curation:

    Social Content Curation is The Hottest and Latest Trend of Social Media Marketing and Social Republication. There are many great Social Content Curation Platforms that curate and generate an appropriate content ideal for your service or product in the most economical and the best possible way.

  9. Automate Social Content Curation With BigData:

    You can automate the process and steps of curating great and precise social content by levering BigData Predictive Analytics. BigData Predictive Analytics with necessary customization can produce suitable Social Content related to your Social Media Campaigns and Strategies. The content generated by this procedure can be utilize to generate and distribute Social Newsletter, News Publication and Audio News automatically.

  10. Prepare Channel Specific Content:

    Initiate the interaction with in-house or outsourced Sales, Marketing and Advertisement Team to get a ready-to-use and highly individualized content for Social Media Marketing. If you strategize to market using Video Broadcasting channels like YouTube, Vine, Instagram and MixBit, use videos created by other units and teams. Otherwise, create a short and institutive video with sensationalized marketing-effect on Social Media. To get a maximum outcome on Visual Platforms like Pinterest, Flickr and Facebook,prepare content that looks like a slide of powerpoint presentation with content in bold letters.

  11. Leverage Suitable Social Media Marketing Platforms:

    There are many Social Media Platforms in BI ecosystem and their top categories are Video Social Marketing Platforms, Audio Social Marketing Platforms, Short Video Platforms, Presentation Platforms, News Publication Platforms( Paper.li, Fllpboard and News360 ) and Blogging Platform( Twitter, Tumblr and WordPress). Leverage best one from each category is the latest trend of Social Media Marketing.

  12. Document Steps And Social Media Strategies:

    Create a well-detailed document of strategies and steps related to selling of things through Social Media Marketing. It must include the names of product-wise campaigns, targeted Social Media Platforms, beginning and ending dates, expected outcome and all other related details. In same fashion, either use Social Media compatible CRM to control your Social Media Campaigns or create separate spreadsheet with all necessary details. If those platforms are viable under company’s policy, create a well-structured spreadsheet using MS Excel or OpenOffice Calc or spreadsheet editor of iWork.

  13. Run Your Content Under Social Media Strategies:

    Once all documents on executing the marketing strategies,steps and methods and CRM Platforms or spreadsheet get ready, you initiate process of Social Media Marketing campaigns. You can assign this responsibility of running campaigns to an army of Business Executives, if it is really larger in scale. Otherwise, give it to the executive who is taking care of other Social Media responsibilities.

  14. Deploy Social Media Analytics:

    What platforms you’ll leverage for Social Media Analysis depend upon types of Social Media Platforms you leveraged to market the product or service on Social Media using all content curated. Know one best one from different sets of Social Media Analytics. SumAll, Google Analytics and HootSuite are three best Social Media Platforms.
    You can leverage other type of Social Media Analytics Platforms to get auxiliary inputs like perfect time of running campaigns, tentative numbers of potential customers and reach of each hash-tag to make Social Media Analytics more effective and meaningful.

  15. Reshape Your Strategies With Social Media Analytics:

    Without analyzing different categories of activities of Social Media Marketing, it almost impossible to gain expected results from the Social Media Marketing. Utilize the insights of Social Media Analytics to re-shape the strategies by removing all critical mistakes of your strategies and execution steps.

  16. Re-Execute Your Campaigns And Strategies:

    Once you run all strategies and campaigns using Social Media Networks, you can utilize the insights and outcome of Social Media Analytics to re-shape campaigns executed earlier to generate greater social reach and outcome without wasting time, efforts and resources.

    Analyzed By And Author:Amrit Chhetri
    Place: Bara Mangwa, P.O: Takling, Darjeeling-734312


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