14 Essential Steps Of Monetizing Blogs

  1. What is Blog Monetizing?
    An incremental growth of number of visitors and readers of your blogs and engaging them in all possible means of earning are the core strategies of Blog Marketing. Marketing and selling something through your blogs involve complex Social Media Marketing Strategies and execution steps. I have complied all important strategies below:

  2. Essential Steps Of Monetizing Your Blogs:
    14 essential steps of monetizing your blogs :

    1. Curate Great Content:
      A great content is a driving force to promote brands, improve social-influence and earn money from your blogs. You always focus on creating the rich, well-informed and highly precise content of the products, services, brands and person to generate a great ROI.
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    2. Leverage Contextual Advertisement:
      You leverage the services of Contextual Advertisement Platforms to increase the earning from your content and blogs. Google AdSense is one of the such platforms. To be more successful, you curate good content and create best practices to leverage Contextual Advertisement in engaging the readers to your blogs. There are lots of platforms that offer Contextual Advertisement Services and best of them are:

      1. Google AdSense- http://google.com
      2. Clicksor – http://www.clicksor.com
    3. Use Commission-Share Platforms:
      There are special type of Social Platforms that allows you to earn certain percentage from the sales of products advertised on your blogs. ShareASales is one of such platforms. There are lots of platforms that offer Commission Sharing services and best of them are:

      1. Commission Junction –http://www.cj.com
      2. ShareASale. –http://www.shareasale.com
      3. ClickBank –  https://www.clickbank.com
    4. Use Affiliate Programs/Marketing:
      You can leverage Affiliate Marketing Platforms to improve the earning from your blogs. You can associate million of products to advertise on your blogs and they’ll give you up to 10% of sales of the products and services advertised on your blogs. Amazon Associate is one of the such platforms. There are lots of platforms that offer Affiliate Marketing Services and best of them are:

      1. Amazon Associates 
      2. eBay Associates

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    5. Use Affiliate Aggregator Service:
      You can deploy multiple Affiliate Marketing Platforms like Amazon Associate and eBay Associate to increase earning sources from Affiliate Marketing of your blogs. In this context, you can leverage Affiliate Aggregator Service to bring every things of Affiliate Marketing inside one window. VigLink is one the such platforms. There are lots of platforms that offer Affiliate Aggregator Service and best of them are:

      1. VigLink – http://viglink.com
      2. Popshop – http://www.popshops.com
    6. Use Display Advertisement:
      You can generate additional earning opportunity by marketing the products of interested brands, person, start-ups and companies through your own marketing. Be wide-open to display the advertisements in any type like Videos, Audio, Text and Viral Videos. You should create the best Advertisement Strategies to attract more and more advertisements.

    7. Use Third-Party Merchandise:
      There is another way of earning money from your blog. You can associate your blogs with Third-Party Merchandisers to advertise the products and services. CafePress is one of such platforms that offers Third-Party Merchandising. There are lots of platforms that offer Third-Party Merchandise Service and best of them are:

      1. CafePress- http://www.cafepress.com
      2. Popshops –http://www.popshops.com

    8. Create Subscription Service:
      You can leverage subscription services to your blogs to improve viewership and readers. Initially, you can give it free of cost to generate revenue opportunity of future. You can generate the Newsletters from your blogs’ content and send them to your readers in an appropriate frequency. There are lots of platforms that offer Email Newsletter Services and best of them are:

      1. MadMimi –https://madmimi.com
      2. MailChimp –http://mailchimp.com
      3. Sendgrid –http://sendgrid.com
      4. VerticalResponse – http://verticalresponse.com
    9. Offer Online Services:
      You dedicate one of the page or section of your blog to offer online services like ‘Hire Me’ ‘Social Media Training’ and ‘NGO Services’. If you leverage ‘Hire Me’ service, list profiles of the candidates who are seeking job opportunities. Other services for which you can facilitate Online Services are::

      1. Training Details of Social Media, Business Intelligence and Exams
      2. National and International Services
      3. Services of Local Medical Shops and Groceries

    10. Use Blog-Commerce :
      You leverage your blogs to market and sell your own products like eBooks, eTutorials, Music compositions and other articles which make true sense in today’s e-Commerce business. If you are a Social Media Analysts or Business Consultant or Business Consultant, you can market and sell your own products and services to earn an additional money from your blogs.
    1. Review Of Products:
      You can give a special section of your blog to reviews of different products. You engage your readers with the reviews and analysis of the products which you have understood the best. You can increase the earning by engaging the readers with those reviews and analysis attached to your blogs and you must formulate the best Marketing Strategies to attract more and more products or vendors. In today’s ecosystem of Social Media, the potential categories of products which can generate big business opportunity to your blogs are Electronic Goods, Mobile Apps, Software Platforms, eBooks, FMCG, Fashion and Beauty and Lifestyles.
    2. Use Social Promotions To Attract Visitors:
      Conducting Social Promotional Campaigns like AMA(Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, Tweetup on Twitter and Social Group Chatting on Social Communication Tools like WebChat, WhatsApp, Line, Nimbuzz, ooVoo, Skype and Google Hangout gives an enough room to increase readers and promote your blogs. Besides, you can contribute your articles and contents to the international Online Dailies like The Huffington Post, NYTimes; regional national dailies like The Telegraph, The Statement, The Hindustan Times and Times Of India as Guest Posts or regular contributor to earn the best credits. Also, contribute to other blogger-brands like Tech Crunch, SocialTimes and Mashable to increase visitors, the reach and values of your blogs.
      You can strategies of using Content Discovery Platforms like Outbrain(
      http://www.outbrain.com) to increase the exposure and number of visitors of readers of your blogs.
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    3. Donations:
      Great Content can attract big number of visitors and which in turn can generate good money through donations from creamy-readers who always respect great works by contributing small or sometime really big amounts to your blogs. You can ask your readers/viewers to donate some amount in any all possible ways. In the same context, you attach one donation form with integrated Social Payment Service like PayPal to receive the donations or funds from your readers.
    1. Leverage Social Commerce Platforms:
      You can leverage Social Commerce Platforms to market everything in your blogs and to earn money in the best way. The Social Commerce Platforms like SellMojo gives an option to attach your blogs into F-Commerce Stores created on top of them. You can leverage the similar services of Exprestore to market and sell the products advertised inside the blogs.

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      Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013


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4 thoughts on “14 Essential Steps Of Monetizing Blogs

  1. Passionate blogger November 6, 2013 at 11:14 pm Reply

    Hey, can you share some of your experience in monetizing your own blog, i can see you have written lot of posts, also you are using wordpress, does it have any impact in monetizing instead of going for owning a site?


  2. Christy Birmingham November 11, 2013 at 10:45 pm Reply

    Excellent post – thank-you.

    • Amrit Chhetri November 15, 2013 at 1:17 pm Reply

      Thanks for the compliments and liking my post!

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