The Best Social Commerce Sites Of India

The Best Social Commerce Sites Of India

  1. Social Commerce In India:
    Fast growing Social Media has facilitated the success and growth of Social Commerce in Indian market. The Indian Banking, Healthcare ,LifeStyle, Fashion and Online Shopping experience are trending towards Social Experience driven exponential growth of Smartphones users.
    E-Commerce in Indian has grown from a ground-zero to big business in a very short span of time and it has given the enough economical boost to Indian electronic, Digital Publications, Healthcare and Fashion markets. Apart from the E-commerce, the S-commerce which is nothing but the e-commerce supported by and initiated via different services of Social Media Networks, have added a new shopping experience to Indian customer, Electronic, E-Books, Digital Publications and Healthcare have given the enough support towards the growth of Social Commerce in the Eco-System of commerce. After going through few contenders of Social Commerce Players, I valued the following as the true Social Commerce Sites in Indian Market:
  2. The Best Social Commerce Sites Of India :
    1. Groupon:
      is great e-Commerce Site of India and it offers city-wise deals in all major Indian cities. It is an easy way to answer the question ‘What are you going to do today?’ on online shopping .Its daily deals consist of the best restaurants, spas, products, travel, healthcare,beauty and books. You can experience its Social Shopping Orientation at its blog and a unique services over Facebook and Twitter.

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    2. SellMojo:
      is a unique Facebook Commerce Platform, offering persons and brands the opportunity to sell the products giving great Social Shopping experience. It combines the best features of an Online Store Platform with a Social Shopping Experience and helps persons and brands to set up a Facebook Store.You can start your own F-Commerce Site by leveraging the services of SellMojo. It also allows the Social Merchandiser to anchor their blogs aiming to promote products and blog itself.
    3. LimeRoad:
      is India’s one of the most extensive Lifestyle and Social-Commerce Portal for Woman. You can create scrapbooks, share your product-experiences ,discover social shopping and enjoy great Social Shopping Experience. This is a great Online Store for males too to shop something for his girl friends, wife, mothers, sisters and other woman in relations. It also gives special offer during Indian Festival likes Diwali.

      Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013



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