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Popular Mobile Apps For All

  1. Evernote :
    Evernote is a multi-purpose Digital Note Organizer and its latest update allows to digitize the regular notes as pictures. It can be used in varieties of needs including organization of old books to create a digitized Library, creation of Video Libraries of your favorite DVD, CD and BluRays and arrangement of your favorite recipes and places. You can also sync blogs, articles, pictures and videos you loved across different Social Platforms like Instagram, Vine, Pocket,Digg Reader and Feedly as your Social Content Curation. The GenX students can utilize it to organize their reading materials,routines and other resources in one place. In the same way, academicians and educationists can use it as the Digital Record Book of their teaching materials, schedules and records of progress and their achievements of students.

  2. Twitter :
    Twitter is the most common, easiest and popular micro-blogging site. It’s users range from students to academician, developers to CEO, politicians to national presidents, artist to architects, bloggers, business-man and almost all. It allows to express your ideas within 140 characters including URL of photo or picture attached. The latest update gives you the notifications of the activities by your followers and friends on Twitter as DM.

  3. Facebook:
    Facebook is the simplest and most common Social Network site with the highest number of users and it allows to interact with friends, beloved ones and family members in the easiest way. Facebook has been adopted by Business Brands to use it as the Social Marketing Tool. It also allows you to have two distinctly personalized sites -User-Profiles and Pages for persons, brands, products and institutions. You can beautify your User Profiles by synchronizing your photo updates from Flickr, Music you loved on 8Tracks, Soundcloud and CloudMix, the place you visited and loved on TripAdvisor. You can also sync blogs on blogging platforms like Tumblr, Typepad, WordPress and Blogger.

  4. Instagram :
    Instagram is the most easiest and simple photos and short-videos sharing application and now it is owned by Facebook. It also allows to share your great moments as photos and short videos. You can sync it with almost all Social Networks including Facebook. According to the latest studies, young group of Gen Xers are preferably using Tumblr, Vine and Instagram over other Social Networks including Facebook and Twitter.

  5. Vine : 
    Vine is the latest photo and six seconds video sharing platform and it is the largest competitor of Instagram and upcoming Keep and Mixbit. It allows to share Photos and short videos across different Social Networks and can be manage it from Social Management Tools like HootSuite, ViralHeat, UberSocial, IFTTT and the paid version of Buffer.

  6. Google Plus:
    Google Plus is the newest and the fast growing Social Networking site for personal and brand .It also facilitates you to create Profile Page as well as Community Page for various interest and communities. It’s Google Hangout leverages a great service to live-stream the video conferences or video calls.

  7. Google Earth:
    Google Earth is the geo-search services from Google and allows to search places, public establishments, roads, rivers, mountains in a very intuitive way. It gives two views- Terrain and Geographical and allows to map the place and things of your interest. It has been used as educational tool, platform to monitor mass criminal-activities, to get information about new places and things and studying geographical demographics.

  8. YouTube:
    YouTube is a great video sharing platform in the world. It can be used for education, infotainment, digital marketing, crowdsourcing and crowd-funding, healthcare, innovations ,research and almost to everywhere. Its maximum users are Music lovers,artists, authors ,marketers, internet entrepreneurs, internet promoters and students. Its trend-dashboard ,, organizes everything one place .YouTube also leverages Analytics service for analyzing the social-reach and impacts of videos you created or interacted on YouTube.

  9. SoundCloud:
    This is a great Music App for listening tracks and mixes from your favorite artists. It allows you to organize the tracks you loved into different categories like Nu Jazz, Jazz, Fusion,Heavy Metal, Fusion Rock and Country and allows to share the same to friends, family-members and beloved ones from Social Networks like Facebook,Pheed,Hi5, Twitter and Tumblr. It caters a platform for Social Audio News Services from world’s leading media houses like CCN, BBC, Bloomberg and WSJ. This is a truly great app for music lovers and music enthusiasts.

  10. PicsArt:
    PicsArt is a free and full-featured Photo Editor.It is complete in Social Integration and has more features than in many paid Mobile Apps. It enables users to apply various effects on the new picture or an existing picture from the different sources. It leverages the functionality to edit your photos in every possible way including frames, borders, stickers, text effects, clipart graphics, callouts, crop, rotate, color adjust masks and collages.

  11. Contacts +:
    Contacts+ is an intuitive Contacts Management App with a phone-dialer. It brings all contacts from different sources in one place. With Contacts+ you can send free and regular text messages without switching apps and it auto-syncs pictures from your contacts of different Social Networks including Facebook. It also reminds you for every birthday of the contacts from all connected Social Networks.

         Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013


14 Essential Steps Of Monetizing Blogs

  1. What is Blog Monetizing?
    An incremental growth of number of visitors and readers of your blogs and engaging them in all possible means of earning are the core strategies of Blog Marketing. Marketing and selling something through your blogs involve complex Social Media Marketing Strategies and execution steps. I have complied all important strategies below:

  2. Essential Steps Of Monetizing Your Blogs:
    14 essential steps of monetizing your blogs :

    1. Curate Great Content:
      A great content is a driving force to promote brands, improve social-influence and earn money from your blogs. You always focus on creating the rich, well-informed and highly precise content of the products, services, brands and person to generate a great ROI.
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    2. Leverage Contextual Advertisement:
      You leverage the services of Contextual Advertisement Platforms to increase the earning from your content and blogs. Google AdSense is one of the such platforms. To be more successful, you curate good content and create best practices to leverage Contextual Advertisement in engaging the readers to your blogs. There are lots of platforms that offer Contextual Advertisement Services and best of them are:

      1. Google AdSense-
      2. Clicksor –
    3. Use Commission-Share Platforms:
      There are special type of Social Platforms that allows you to earn certain percentage from the sales of products advertised on your blogs. ShareASales is one of such platforms. There are lots of platforms that offer Commission Sharing services and best of them are:

      1. Commission Junction –
      2. ShareASale. –
      3. ClickBank –
    4. Use Affiliate Programs/Marketing:
      You can leverage Affiliate Marketing Platforms to improve the earning from your blogs. You can associate million of products to advertise on your blogs and they’ll give you up to 10% of sales of the products and services advertised on your blogs. Amazon Associate is one of the such platforms. There are lots of platforms that offer Affiliate Marketing Services and best of them are:

      1. Amazon Associates 
      2. eBay Associates

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    5. Use Affiliate Aggregator Service:
      You can deploy multiple Affiliate Marketing Platforms like Amazon Associate and eBay Associate to increase earning sources from Affiliate Marketing of your blogs. In this context, you can leverage Affiliate Aggregator Service to bring every things of Affiliate Marketing inside one window. VigLink is one the such platforms. There are lots of platforms that offer Affiliate Aggregator Service and best of them are:

      1. VigLink –
      2. Popshop –
    6. Use Display Advertisement:
      You can generate additional earning opportunity by marketing the products of interested brands, person, start-ups and companies through your own marketing. Be wide-open to display the advertisements in any type like Videos, Audio, Text and Viral Videos. You should create the best Advertisement Strategies to attract more and more advertisements.

    7. Use Third-Party Merchandise:
      There is another way of earning money from your blog. You can associate your blogs with Third-Party Merchandisers to advertise the products and services. CafePress is one of such platforms that offers Third-Party Merchandising. There are lots of platforms that offer Third-Party Merchandise Service and best of them are:

      1. CafePress-
      2. Popshops –

    8. Create Subscription Service:
      You can leverage subscription services to your blogs to improve viewership and readers. Initially, you can give it free of cost to generate revenue opportunity of future. You can generate the Newsletters from your blogs’ content and send them to your readers in an appropriate frequency. There are lots of platforms that offer Email Newsletter Services and best of them are:

      1. MadMimi –
      2. MailChimp –
      3. Sendgrid –
      4. VerticalResponse –
    9. Offer Online Services:
      You dedicate one of the page or section of your blog to offer online services like ‘Hire Me’ ‘Social Media Training’ and ‘NGO Services’. If you leverage ‘Hire Me’ service, list profiles of the candidates who are seeking job opportunities. Other services for which you can facilitate Online Services are::

      1. Training Details of Social Media, Business Intelligence and Exams
      2. National and International Services
      3. Services of Local Medical Shops and Groceries

    10. Use Blog-Commerce :
      You leverage your blogs to market and sell your own products like eBooks, eTutorials, Music compositions and other articles which make true sense in today’s e-Commerce business. If you are a Social Media Analysts or Business Consultant or Business Consultant, you can market and sell your own products and services to earn an additional money from your blogs.
    1. Review Of Products:
      You can give a special section of your blog to reviews of different products. You engage your readers with the reviews and analysis of the products which you have understood the best. You can increase the earning by engaging the readers with those reviews and analysis attached to your blogs and you must formulate the best Marketing Strategies to attract more and more products or vendors. In today’s ecosystem of Social Media, the potential categories of products which can generate big business opportunity to your blogs are Electronic Goods, Mobile Apps, Software Platforms, eBooks, FMCG, Fashion and Beauty and Lifestyles.
    2. Use Social Promotions To Attract Visitors:
      Conducting Social Promotional Campaigns like AMA(Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, Tweetup on Twitter and Social Group Chatting on Social Communication Tools like WebChat, WhatsApp, Line, Nimbuzz, ooVoo, Skype and Google Hangout gives an enough room to increase readers and promote your blogs. Besides, you can contribute your articles and contents to the international Online Dailies like The Huffington Post, NYTimes; regional national dailies like The Telegraph, The Statement, The Hindustan Times and Times Of India as Guest Posts or regular contributor to earn the best credits. Also, contribute to other blogger-brands like Tech Crunch, SocialTimes and Mashable to increase visitors, the reach and values of your blogs.
      You can strategies of using Content Discovery Platforms like Outbrain( to increase the exposure and number of visitors of readers of your blogs.
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    3. Donations:
      Great Content can attract big number of visitors and which in turn can generate good money through donations from creamy-readers who always respect great works by contributing small or sometime really big amounts to your blogs. You can ask your readers/viewers to donate some amount in any all possible ways. In the same context, you attach one donation form with integrated Social Payment Service like PayPal to receive the donations or funds from your readers.
    1. Leverage Social Commerce Platforms:
      You can leverage Social Commerce Platforms to market everything in your blogs and to earn money in the best way. The Social Commerce Platforms like SellMojo gives an option to attach your blogs into F-Commerce Stores created on top of them. You can leverage the similar services of Exprestore to market and sell the products advertised inside the blogs.

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      Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013

The Best Social Commerce Sites Of India

The Best Social Commerce Sites Of India

  1. Social Commerce In India:
    Fast growing Social Media has facilitated the success and growth of Social Commerce in Indian market. The Indian Banking, Healthcare ,LifeStyle, Fashion and Online Shopping experience are trending towards Social Experience driven exponential growth of Smartphones users.
    E-Commerce in Indian has grown from a ground-zero to big business in a very short span of time and it has given the enough economical boost to Indian electronic, Digital Publications, Healthcare and Fashion markets. Apart from the E-commerce, the S-commerce which is nothing but the e-commerce supported by and initiated via different services of Social Media Networks, have added a new shopping experience to Indian customer, Electronic, E-Books, Digital Publications and Healthcare have given the enough support towards the growth of Social Commerce in the Eco-System of commerce. After going through few contenders of Social Commerce Players, I valued the following as the true Social Commerce Sites in Indian Market:
  2. The Best Social Commerce Sites Of India :
    1. Groupon:
      is great e-Commerce Site of India and it offers city-wise deals in all major Indian cities. It is an easy way to answer the question ‘What are you going to do today?’ on online shopping .Its daily deals consist of the best restaurants, spas, products, travel, healthcare,beauty and books. You can experience its Social Shopping Orientation at its blog and a unique services over Facebook and Twitter.

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    2. SellMojo:
      is a unique Facebook Commerce Platform, offering persons and brands the opportunity to sell the products giving great Social Shopping experience. It combines the best features of an Online Store Platform with a Social Shopping Experience and helps persons and brands to set up a Facebook Store.You can start your own F-Commerce Site by leveraging the services of SellMojo. It also allows the Social Merchandiser to anchor their blogs aiming to promote products and blog itself.
    3. LimeRoad:
      is India’s one of the most extensive Lifestyle and Social-Commerce Portal for Woman. You can create scrapbooks, share your product-experiences ,discover social shopping and enjoy great Social Shopping Experience. This is a great Online Store for males too to shop something for his girl friends, wife, mothers, sisters and other woman in relations. It also gives special offer during Indian Festival likes Diwali.

      Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013


9 Steps To Boost Your Social Content

What Is Content Curation?
Social Content Curation is a process to create, share and distribute, promote the content and measure its reach and success in the ecosystem of Social Media. The content can be curated from own blogs, social posts, articles ,others’ blogs, online editions of prominent news-papers and online magazines.

Content Curation Steps and Strategies:
The 9 steps to curate the great Social Contents:

  1. Know The Goals:
    Conceptualization of goals and aims of Social Content is the first and foremost step of the overall process. Before starting the Social Curation, strengthen all strategies and plans towards your Social Content. To serve this purpose, execute lots of preliminary research by applying your experiences, other relevant resources and relevant case-studies. It is always a great idea to be very specific about the subjects or topics and more open but particular towards target Social Platforms.
  2. Strategize Your Target Platforms:
    Think thought the target platforms for your Social Contents. Select the Social Platforms where you place and promote your content. Content are always different across different platforms. For example, content on Pinterest is different than the same on Tumblr or Blogger or Medium or WordPress . The powerpoint presentation platforms like SlideShare and AuthorStream are different from the generic Curation Platforms like ,Storify and PearlTrees. The content of News-Curation Platforms like, News360, NewsMix ,TweetedTimes and are of always of type news and editorials.

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  3. Know Your Audience:
    You analyze and understand the target audience well and create the best-possible strategies to communicate and reach them in most effective ways. It is important to understand the audience’s need and behavior in all respects including interests towards the current trends, reviews and analytical-views over the topics of your curation.
  4. Use Crowd-Sourced Content:
    Other than your own content,you can curate some of the great content from other blogs, online-magazine s and popular news-papers and RSS feeds. You need to plan for money, time, subject and tools when you want to curate your own contents. Be a Subject Matter Expert of your own to create and filtered out the great content from the web.
  5. Curate Simple But Great Content:
    Make sure that your content is easy and great. Writing well is the second most important skill every great curator need to have and cultivate along with experience. Keep your content updated in terms of information and the types of content. Inforgraphics are more impressive than plain pictures or text and videos containing infographics, quotes, graphs and charts have started dominating the other types of contents. You consider these trends and observations as a part of the best-practices.
  6. Communicate Your Content Well:
    It is very important to strategize well to maximum the viewership of your content. Make your strategy error-proof to reach the right-sets of audience within a stipulated time. Allocate a right amount of time and budget in order to create an exciting buzz and impact out of your content.
  7. Give Extra-Ordinary Opening:
    Schedule your opening for the right date and time. Begin the opening in a bang- it may be interesting #Tweetup on Twitter or a Open #GroupChat on Facebook or WeChat, Line or WhatsApp and #LaunchParty on Google+. You take helps of the influential-reach of your friends and frands to get the maximum but effective reach.
  8. Select Right Set Of Tools:
    Social Platforms for your content are the vehicles to reach and communicate well with audiences. Each tool has its own specialty. and Storify are two of the great platforms and automates the process of finding the contents using its support for filters whereas Storify is really good if you want to curate multiple types of content across the diversified subjects or topics.
  9. Measurement Of Reach:
    You should execute the strategies and plans of your social content in an incremental manner. To strategize the future-steps from an initial point of success,tentatively you can measure it at first fortnight of the launch. Henceforth, You measure the reach and viewership either in daily or in weekly basis. Almost each Platform that allows to curate the content, gives a built-in Analytics to measure the reach and impact of your content. Besides, you can use third-party Analytics Platforms like Google Analytics, Sumall and IBM Content Analytics to know the audience and reach in more details.’s built-in Analytics allows to measure total viewership at topics level and user level in both daily as well as as-on date basis., a Newsstand and Curation Platform, gives simple but very useful statistics over the topics you curated. You analyze these statistics to re-strategize your plans and goals as often as possible.
    Author: Amrit Chhetri,