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Power Of Mobile Apps In Education

The use of technology in education leverages great value additions and makes it systematic, innovative and easier in all respects. It can be applied in making the educational-content delivery mechanism more efficient, simpler and convenient. Social Media and Mobile Apps are two software-driven platforms that have been leveraged into all type of education and training systems including competitive exams and admission process.

It is possible to bring a tech-savvy, innovative and well analyzed best practices to an ecosystem of education by leveraging Social Media Platforms and Mobile Apps. They have been successful in bringing a unique experience in learning and teaching methodology. Mobile Apps can be used as the great tools for learning English Grammar, Computer Programming, Fashion & LifeStyle, Basic Health-Tips including Love Making, Cooking and Bar-Tending. In my Analysis, The Top 3 Mobile Apps on Android for learning English Grammar are:
  1. English Phrasal Verbs
  2. English Idioms
  3. Thesaurus App
To install Mobile Apps on Android, follow steps below:
  1. Go to Google Play for Android or Apps Store applicable to devices like smartphones, Phablets and SmartWatches.
  2. Search for App by it name or category.
  3. Click on Install button, it installs the Mobile Apps.
Besides, learning English Grammar, an appropriate Mobile App can be used to generate and curate real-time content for the various subjects like ‘World Economy’ ,’Healthcare’, ‘Technology in Healthcare’ and ‘Open Source Robotics’. The top Mobile Apps for content curation are:
  1. Pulse
  2. Flipboard
  3. PearlTrees
  5. Storify
  6. Bitly
  8. Zite

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To store, manage and access the study-notes, sample papers, eBooks, Audio-Books and other types of resources about various subjects across mobile computing devices like Smartphones, Phablets, Ultrabook and Tablet, Cloud Storage can be as the innovative idea.The following Cloud Storage gives minimum of 5GB FREE Storage:
  1. Google Drive
  2. Dropbox
  3. Skydrive
  4. Sugardrive
  5. BOX
Time is the key in every education system and internet is the biggest source of information of any subject.Therefore, management and monitoring of URLs(Uniform resource Locators) and other resource-links can be made easier, simpler, user-friendly and best by using Bookmarking Tools. Top Social Bookmarking Mobiles Apps/Sites are:
  1. Reddit
  2. Delicious
  3. Digg
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. Bitly
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    Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013