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CES 2013- Reincarnation of Technology And Innovations

CES, Consumer Electronics Show is held every January at Las Vegas with the aim of demonstrating and bringing-up the new innovations and the new products in incubation to the world. It was started in the year of 1967. In 2013, it was held for three days starting from 11th January till 13th of January 2013. Analysis of highlights and reviews on twenty thousands concepts and innovations yields an expensive but interesting results.I have presented my reviews of reviews by all great

  1. Mobiles:
    The intelligent, fastest-computation power,flexible, smart, ultra-thin or fold-able and multipurpose tablets, smart-phones and mobiles will rule the Mobile World in future. The assemblers and manufacturers who can bring these on earliest as possible will achieve its marketing vision very easily.

  2. TV And Technology:
    4K is new buzz in the world of technology for TV and other visual display devices. Every TV technology tribes in the market longer than any other technology. So, it is important to bring the TV with new technology in bigger vision. The TV powered by new technology like 4k, OLED, AMOLED, HD AMOLED, ULTRA HD AMOLED will change the world in many ways but time and its success depends mainly on two three factors, new advantages of new technology in design, price and time factors.

  3. Car And Automobiles:
    Car Industry is becoming highly techno-savvy and it is one of the top 5 technology adopting segment in the world. Every big manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, GM etc. have decorated the vehicle system with all applicable technologies and technology-driven innovations to keep themselves at topmost layer. So, every useful technology in car and bikes can boost its presence and sales in the market.

  4. LifeStyle, Fashion & Home Appliance:
    The use of innovative technology in LifeStyle and Fashion has taken a big place since last four years and this trend will become very intensive in future. The accessories for Kitchen, Toilets, pubs, bedrooms, colleges and schools and other public places can be made really innovative, energy-savvy, secure and lively by blending the right kind and amount of energy with the existing or incubating products.

  5. Robotics:
    Domestication of robots is becoming a new trend in the adoption of technology-extensive devices for personal ,healthcare,fashion and domestics usages. It ranges from answering the door-machine to sweeping and clearing up of a romantic master bedroom, scheduled task for cleaning the floors and walls, serving the prescribed medicine, cooking lovely cookies on birthday and anniversary to sharing of love and emotions almost like the living human being . This easiness has given the sky-wide open opportunity for robots designed specially for personal, domestic, healthcare, education, training and research,

  6. Home Automation :
    Home Automation is biggest opportunity for every hand-held devices like Mobile Phones, Tablets, futuristic PaperTab and multipurpose Remote-Device. Even new display technologies like OLED, 4K, AOMLED and Ultra AMOLED can bring higher perfection and trendy fashion in Home Automation. The devices capable of bringing all appliances in Centralized Access will be great hit in future. In same context, the idea or concepts of bringing the homes appliances powered by real mobile operating systems like iOS, Android etc. will real-time compatibility in the network of Home Automation. TV controlled by high-power processor rather than simple chip-set is much needed concept and it will add the additional capability towards the Smart & Social Computing through TV.

  7. Gaming Innovations:
    Games are the early and biggest adopters of innovative technology and portability of devices and availability of the right operating platforms will make them useful, impressive and successful in today’s world of portable shapes and sizes. The Gaming Platforms based on Phablets or Tablets is the great idea in bringing the new innovation in gaming world.

          Analysis & Author By: Amrit Chhetri, Copyright(C): Amrit, 2013