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Impacts Of Social Media On Education

Digitization Of Education Systems:-
Education system is going through a Digital Revolution i.e. it is revamping itself in the areas of educational-content and knowledge delivery mechanism, student-performance management, administration and admission methodologies and examination system along with the advancements of technology and easy availability of applications in the respective areas.The free and easy availability of educational content, e-books, education-oriented presentations, podcast, videos, audio-books and blogs has changed the face of education system worldwide and the fruitful results also has started coming in Indian education systems too.

Simple searches on any of the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex and others will throw lots of links, contents, presentations, e-books, social communities and forums about almost any subject under the sky. Some of them are really informative and useful but others may not be reliable and relevant. It is always possible to get the dedicated sites, links, discussion forum, chatting groups, Polls, community sites and content sharing sites for the content with education resources of any level starting from pre-nursery to the research level on any subject. If we make searches for ‘Google Glass’, or ‘Facebook For Education’ or ‘Names of Fruits’ on these sites they throw not only the details but will display the images of an appropriate sizes and videos links for the searched filters or key words. A Cyber Crime Student or research follow can search for ‘Social Engineering’ for every detail starting from the definition to its social and business impact, economical losses and the additional information about events and seminars in the past.

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Social Networking Sites- A Modern Tool for Education: –
It is wrong to say that Social Networking Sites are useful only in creating a Social Community Network and social discussion forum as it has other knowledge based value additions too. There are different types of Social Networking Sites; some of them are customizable for education and education related purposes. The Slideshare -acquired by Professional Networking giant Linkedin and AuthorStream are highly useful for sharing and searching the presentations prepared on educational topics or subjects like ‘Technical Analysis Of Stock Trading’, ‘ Historical Monuments in Delhi’ etc and same time it can be used to share the ideas or comments about the content, quality, credibility and reliability of the contents and topics presented inside them. Schools, Colleges and other educational institutes can take the advantages of these sites to place daily updates, admission, inter and intra-events and concerts, updates from internal clubs and community sites.

In experts’ opinions, teaching any subject using the visuals of different colors and shapes encodes the information for longer period than through other traditional methods. The Image and Videos Pin-Board from Pinterest™, has great potential to make itself as ‘Visual Tool’ for education. Quora, Linkedin, CyPop, Google+ and Orkut are rich in the groups and communities dedicated to education and related areas. Similarly, Facebook is also being used in bringing-up the value additions to education system and their effects in improving, digitizing and modernizing the education and content delivery system is very high and persistent in nature. Social Curation for Educational Content gives a splendid quantity of information on any subject and read this “9 Steps To Boost Your Social Content” .
— Amrit Chhetri (@AmritChhetriB) October 27, 2013
Education Networking Sites- A Virtual Classroom:-
The quality and standards of any educational institute or system improves by high quality discussions and interactive-sessions- apart from other core educational-infrastructure and facilities- irrespective of whether the sessions are conducted inside the classes or in a virtual mode.There are really good Social Networking Sites completely revamped, enhanced and re-designed to meet the requirements of educational sectors and educational-content delivery system.These types of sites are called Educational Networking Sites. They will allow creating fully digitized and virtual classrooms and an instructors or presenters can share the course contents, invite the trainee/students for discussion, initiate and participate on real-time chatting over any subject. It also allows creating the groups and sharing the opinions, comments and views over any topic and most of them are compliant to Collaboration 2.0. The Classroom20 and Google+ are few of them to name. The Schools, Colleges, Training Centers and Publication Houses can leverage the functionality of these ENS in very useful, time-savvy and economical way to create a digitized Virtual Classroom and Virtual Training System.
They can also sync and allow to share the video content from audio-videos sharing sites like YouTube, MySpace, Netflix,Instagram,Vine and MixBit; presentation sharing sites like and AuthorStream and group-updates from Google+. Not only the content, groups and community networking of educational networking sites or Social Networking Sites will be useful to integrate educational Software Platforms or tools useful to practice assignments and practical sessions. There are many Online Development Platforms available as Cloud-SAAS and some of them provide the IDE for programming languages and database servers. They can be leveraged to practice the lessons or programs any time and anywhere and can be considered as time saving, secure and reliable option for getting the ready-to-use IDEs. The Cloud-Ide and c9 are some of the software platforms which offer online IDE as Cloud-SAAS.
In the places where education is in partial digitization stage and it works on semi-digitized mode, the usage of Social Networking Sites and Educational Networking Sites, file sharing sites and audio-videos sharing sites are highly useful and meaningful. The data storage service like Google Google-Drive, Dropbox and MeCloud can be used to create an e-Repository of all online contents (e-Books, presentations, self made notes and audio-videos tutorials) useful for quality access of the educational contents and their security can be placed into operation for authorizing the content to a designated individual and groups of the designated individuals. The biggest advantage of using e-channels for delivering and managing the educational content and other system on SNS and ENS is the readiness for accessibility.They can be accessed, viewed and updated easily using suitable devices mostly using the small-size devices like Smart-phones, iPads, Tablets,PaperTabs, Netbooks and Ultrabook.
A lot of new things are coming up in this area of  ‘Socialization of Education’ in a very rapid and steady manner. Some of the great changes and improvements on Educational Networking Site are going to be the availability of integrated audio-video chatting services like Skype, Google Hangout, Nimbuzz and WeChat;Videos Sharing Platforms like Vine, YouTube, Instagram, Pheed and MixBit; integrated time and attendance systems and content-scheduling system like Buffer,HootSuite and ViralHeat. You’ll see a great success of adoption of technologies in an ecosystem of education by 1 to 2 years.
Author: Amrit Chhetri,